First To Find World's Rarest Pokemon Card Keeps It!
First To Find Worlds Rarest Pokemon Card Keeps It! Charizard!
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  • Corey ktv
    Corey ktv

    how desperate for clout can you get

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle Hill


  • Sissy Frost
    Sissy Frost

    You are one of my favorite youtubers

  • gashier disoma
    gashier disoma

    Broo if i nkow it was rare i woudve burnt the charizard broo im soo sad right now

  • jim kirk
    jim kirk

    Ya welcome

  • Angry Jezza
    Angry Jezza

    I won't

  • Troshobashal

    Hej funk bos

  • Scorpio Legends
    Scorpio Legends

    I like the idea of having a scavenger hunt to find REALLY rare Pokemon

  • samboi

    Fun fact they found All the cards

  • Colin Tarquinio
    Colin Tarquinio

    Fun fact I’m 3

  • Daryl Driscoll
    Daryl Driscoll

    Capron I would like to wish you and Rydell an awesome life with your baby boy that's coming into our world and I would like to suggest three names: James Caprons dads dad's name Or Rydell dad's dad's Name

  • Tree Boy
    Tree Boy

    Fun fact dolphins 🐬 live in the ocean

  • Bailey Flannery
    Bailey Flannery

    oh boy this looks a little hard

  • Melanie Moran
    Melanie Moran

    When u see that Catron is whereing crocks

  • John Cyrulik
    John Cyrulik

    Fun fact they are fake bc he would have a psa rating if he wanted to know the value

  • Blake Miller
    Blake Miller

    I have two of those cards on the thumbnail

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams

    in the title with the charizard pokemon card i hv that card and nice vid

  • Eli Murray
    Eli Murray

    Hey fun fact I have a ps5 and Xbox series x

  • Eli Murray
    Eli Murray

    I'm super buff

  • Eli Murray
    Eli Murray

    Hey all the girls I'm the biggest man in my town

  • juliem_1986

    That was very nice of you guys to give them back to the guy

  • juliem_1986

    "Do you think we have enough content though?" --Corey "No" --Capron "Okay never mind, let's keep searching"--Corey lol

  • hi_bish bish
    hi_bish bish

    Fun fact there is only 1 first edition holo charizard that is psa 10

  • egintheegg

    Fun fact the Pokémon illustrator card is the rarest Pokémon card

  • nikki walker
    nikki walker

    Fun fact it actually works

  • shelby f
    shelby f

    Caprin pocketed the card in the wood case

  • Lucas Moyer
    Lucas Moyer

    who ships drage and kacy

  • Baseball Bro
    Baseball Bro

    But I am not unsuding

  • Baseball Bro
    Baseball Bro

    I am sry but I hate pocymon

  • Gillie Fox & Tobias Kay
    Gillie Fox & Tobias Kay

    I have mega charzard

  • Mr Syth
    Mr Syth

    See you in nine years when this gets randomly recommended:)

    • Ella Kettler
      Ella Kettler

      Silly person whoever this person is!

  • Anthony Merlino
    Anthony Merlino

    i love you guys

  • Wind 64
    Wind 64

    This dude sounds like such a game show host

  • M1lkman Games
    M1lkman Games

    i got 1000 $ from a pokemon card

  • R R
    R R

    I like Pokémon can I have some

  • Kemal Playz
    Kemal Playz

    This is like the lottery you have to buy and see if you win tons of money but Pokémon you unbox it to see if you have a 60,000 dollar Pokémon card.

  • Ayden McDonald
    Ayden McDonald

    I already have 2 of those charizards

  • Dustin Grow
    Dustin Grow

    Can you give me a shout out

  • OB

    Fun fact

  • TeddyThomas 8
    TeddyThomas 8


  • Tyson Elster
    Tyson Elster

    Add me back on Snapchat A Tatian Elster

  • Naomi Francis
    Naomi Francis

    The fact that we all knew they weren’t gonna keep all of it ,clickbait

  • DrYgRaSs

    These kids ruin everything That card game does not hold that kind of value you kids cause that to happen because your do nothing lifestyle demands u get rich some other way.

  • William Trotter
    William Trotter

    why would u give them away ?????????????

  • radam hoofmun
    radam hoofmun

    Dawg why is he just like airrack

  • JJCashie Cashmore
    JJCashie Cashmore

    Fun fact if you say fun fact people read the whole comment like my comment please

  • JJCashie Cashmore
    JJCashie Cashmore

    You should do funkmas or flipmas

  • Krystal Torres
    Krystal Torres

    I really want to join the mob I love your videos I'm sudscribet to this channel and drew and Britt and Corey's and carpon and carpon games and man billy drage and Charlie I really just want to join the u guys are my biggest Impression keep it up

  • Ronan O'Grady
    Ronan O'Grady

    Bring back squash it

  • Aaron Vang
    Aaron Vang

    So for the first edition packs are 1000$ and its easy and hard to get the charziard

  • Claudia Elaro
    Claudia Elaro

    anyone else see capron put something in a frame in his pocket

  • LucaViking23

    Fun fact all the Pokémon cards I have are proably worth 5 cents

  • Jianni Figueroa
    Jianni Figueroa

    You should vlog with Danny

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  • Skeptic Gaming
    Skeptic Gaming


  • Skeptic Gaming
    Skeptic Gaming


  • Thomas Barrett
    Thomas Barrett

    You guys should come to Calgary

  • Elijah Padilla
    Elijah Padilla

    Some kid gave me the charizard for an EX back in like 4th grade. I still have it.

  • faze_junior59

    Ya dont messeg me

  • faze_junior59

    It seys your iphone number and its fake

  • Colborn Hunter
    Colborn Hunter

    That was awesome

  • Faye McKeon
    Faye McKeon

    You guys are a good UZloadr please post a heart on my friend is Jessica

  • monsterman Nietos
    monsterman Nietos

    I would print another card 😂

  • Samuel sandoval
    Samuel sandoval

    Who misses the old funk bros🥲😢


    I’m not sure but that riacu I’m pretty sure was a fake because there’s no art like that that’s 1st edition

  • STRIKER 2.0
    STRIKER 2.0

    When I read your name I thought it said f*** bros 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Hong
    Nathan Hong


  • N Br
    N Br

    hey love your vids i know u wont see this but i want to get into scootering and i need you help finding a scooter so if u see this help me pls i am 10 thank keep up the good work

  • Gulmira Osmanova
    Gulmira Osmanova

    I’m a big fan of all of you

  • Taco- Gang0
    Taco- Gang0

    I found a ferret with 500 pp

  • byuman

    C’mon we gotta sub to him.these cards expensive and only 30k

  • Candice Wardenburg
    Candice Wardenburg

    yaa sub to funk bros 100,000

  • Candice Wardenburg
    Candice Wardenburg

    help me sike ... y just y

  • Liam Bedard
    Liam Bedard


  • Blaze Fang
    Blaze Fang

    Fun Fact. Subscribe

  • Spencer Snarey-young
    Spencer Snarey-young

    Capron and Corey have such kind hearts

  • Cowboy Edgar
    Cowboy Edgar


  • Cawley

    He kinda looks like airrack

  • Shalece Hoyt
    Shalece Hoyt

    I have I 1996 Charizard card and I'm 11

  • Lynne Petts
    Lynne Petts

    Hey funk bros u should do a collab with the Dangie bros

  • Sarah trent
    Sarah trent

    i love you can you marey me

  • Marilyn Bauman
    Marilyn Bauman

    I love corey's puppy❤❤❤


    Wow Corey so nice and your brother🥰so thoughtful 🧐 keep up the good work funks😍

  • Cleaver Castillo
    Cleaver Castillo

    capron calm down your an adult

  • Mutt3x

    Today is my Birthday!

  • Jason Carik
    Jason Carik

    Fun fact. Ur moms a guy

  • Megan Blower
    Megan Blower

    Do more stuff with the sip line

  • Jaydon Ray
    Jaydon Ray