Built Lego Treehouse With 50FT Slide!
We completed the treehouse city with the final installment! A lego treehouse and a 50ft slide!
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    You should add a fire pole to one of them

  • jenny wildman
    jenny wildman

    your dog is sooooo cute

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez

    Hope mr.beast don’t see u guys hitting the tree 🥶😂😂

  • St Tundra
    St Tundra

    You should do private investigator again ❤️❤️

  • Erza Krasniqi
    Erza Krasniqi

    6.56 I’m ded

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    Terri Desmarais


  • Nate White
    Nate White

    Member the scarecrow from funkisode 1

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    madi loiselle

    Hello, I have been subscribed since 3 million, good luck,!

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    😂 lol😂😂😂😂😂

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    SNAP Tizzard

    This is just amazing

    • SNAP Tizzard
      SNAP Tizzard

      @Riley Ware thanks man. I now stream on twitch and im more dedicated to twitch as its much easier. My twitch is SNAP_Tizzard follow if you want to

    • Riley Ware
      Riley Ware

      Omg i actually love your channel its soo good. Can you post more minecraft vids please

  • cbrogli20

    Cool 😎

  • Brayan Hernandez
    Brayan Hernandez


  • Kherington .things
    Kherington .things

    Ok is it just me or is Corey kinda cute ?

    • Kherington .things
      Kherington .things

      and Capron*

  • The Washingmachine
    The Washingmachine

    3:53 Did they call me???

  • Kadie Galewaler
    Kadie Galewaler

    What a beautiful mom!

  • Blayze Hogan
    Blayze Hogan

    Lol billy 😈🤓

  • jack Seigler
    jack Seigler


  • Mariah Gutierrez
    Mariah Gutierrez

    The ending 🤣🤭🥳

  • Macy Halladay
    Macy Halladay

    Make some more Mitch

  • Rebecca Kibitlewski
    Rebecca Kibitlewski

    I love 0.02 when the stain on the dog

  • olivia hines
    olivia hines

    i want to do that

  • Rhydianos da lama
    Rhydianos da lama

    Next up a 24 hour challenge

  • Mahlia aviles
    Mahlia aviles

    What halpin to Oliver

  • Asher Kalauli
    Asher Kalauli

    Can you join me in your you tuber please

  • Abby Pollington
    Abby Pollington

    I laughed when Billy was like “Dude it’s like Minecraft in real life” then he made that weird noise XD

  • Andrea Mayhew
    Andrea Mayhew

    Sometime you guys should try and build a small or big skatepark in your backyard

  • Ayla Quint
    Ayla Quint

    when i started watching your videos my mom started letting me watch youtube and all i do is watch your videos with my little brother and sister

  • Ayla Quint
    Ayla Quint

    you are my favorite youtubers

  • Ayla Quint
    Ayla Quint

    i love your videos

  • muf1n

    the end haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • jakka.shreyansh Reddy
    jakka.shreyansh Reddy


  • Taylor peeteetuce
    Taylor peeteetuce

    When ypu done ypu should first do a 24hr challenge

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez


  • Red Gunss
    Red Gunss

    7:00 was the best moment

  • paul dennis
    paul dennis

    You seem to be coping the dangie bros

  • Mickstar_123

    The best UZloadrs

  • Tooba 1
    Tooba 1

    You guys are cheater you guys are cheating of dangie bros .you have the same kind name and some vid cheaters

  • Belicia RockSmith
    Belicia RockSmith

    I wanna see a video were you do a build with dangie bros

  • Aidan Ford
    Aidan Ford

    24 hrs?????

  • Tara Woods
    Tara Woods

    I live in Colorado I like G

  • Brett Klinge
    Brett Klinge

    Yo I see that you have a vid up but you can’t watch it says the video is private repost it

  • TikTok 4ever
    TikTok 4ever

    Why is the new video privat:(

  • Aidan Spraker
    Aidan Spraker

    you need to add a pool

  • Dyson Graham
    Dyson Graham

    The new video isn’t up anymore and I was about to whatch it like the helicopter one 😩

  • Joseph Guirey
    Joseph Guirey

    Capron and Corey you should do a video where you billy and drew spent 50 hours in a Freezing cold fridge

  • Khymani Sammy
    Khymani Sammy

    why you guys deleted it

  • RxiderRZN

    I saw the new vid its called hide n seek with a helicopter

  • lol chungus
    lol chungus

    flex seal the legos together

  • PixelboyHveen

    Mama funk is a legend

  • Elusive Kaoz
    Elusive Kaoz


  • Jennifer Mardis
    Jennifer Mardis

    that dog is adorable

  • Xion Greaves
    Xion Greaves

    Your should do a nerf war in the tree house


    You should do 24hours in lego fort

  • Lisa Durbin
    Lisa Durbin

    Fortnite jokes in 2021 cracks me up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oisin Boland
    Oisin Boland

    Do 24 challenge in the tree house city

  • Roblox Gaming
    Roblox Gaming

    i just subbed bc i watched yall for a year and i like yall. maybe notifications go to all

  • Logy boi Man
    Logy boi Man

    Billy reminds me of Jim Carrey

  • David Soto
    David Soto

    what happen to the old bobby

  • Jaxon Saniti
    Jaxon Saniti

    Love you guys

  • domenic .a
    domenic .a

    Next vido idea: 24 hous in the tree house.

  • Dylan Skates
    Dylan Skates

    Do you guys in the funk bros house believe in God?

  • Chris Stamp
    Chris Stamp

    My name is Mylah

  • Charlie Schnurr
    Charlie Schnurr

    We’res knova?

  • FrieHole

    6:57 I was dying

  • Cierra Youngs
    Cierra Youngs

    the editing in this is jus immaculate 🤣😭😭

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    savoir vivre

    merci de booster ma chaine : @NAQU

  • savoir vivre
    savoir vivre


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    Ashton Wells

    Hi I'm a big fan

  • Olivia Watts
    Olivia Watts

    When the pond comin🤔

  • Alex hindley
    Alex hindley

    I literally just saw capren (did i spell that right) on the news

  • juliem_1986

    'CAN WE get more singles?" everyon below (inlcuding me) shouts "I'm single!" lol

  • juliem_1986

    "This is the first time it breaks" not cool dude! lol

  • Logan Sped
    Logan Sped

    Like wow funk bros used to be insane. Now they are all over the place and have no clue what to do or where to do it I love you guys hope you figure your selfs out soon 😓🥲

  • Frost YT
    Frost YT

    Litecoin about to pump!!! Look at charts!! $374 coming very soon!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Go-Xpro5

    I try so hard to make good soccer videos but I’m not growing fast. I wish I did like you. 😔

  • brittanyfizzy

    y'all are so creative! This is dope! 👌

  • xXcaydenXx 1234
    xXcaydenXx 1234

    You should Build Coreys dog his own dog park

  • Chase M
    Chase M

    was that walter perez i saw if it was tell him i said hi plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Landyn Little
    Landyn Little

    Drew how needs a harness Corey you Might need a harness

  • Tango Sza lol
    Tango Sza lol

    Max mats and at the top of the map (falls)😂😂

  • Samantha Barrett
    Samantha Barrett

    Looks like fun

  • jman415

    I wish these videos were longer i’d watch every milisecond

  • jman415

    7:02 😂😂

  • Liam McLauchlan
    Liam McLauchlan

    are you going to get another house in the future

  • jman415


  • jman415


  • Dusty Windholz
    Dusty Windholz


  • Shane Moran
    Shane Moran

    I love you guys plz see this 🤪

  • Crush Stars
    Crush Stars

    Me:country for life You:insead of Chipotle

  • Chunky Cheif
    Chunky Cheif

    Capron must keep the beard bringing Dadpron to a whole new level

  • Deviona Heather
    Deviona Heather

    You should do 24 hours in the tree city I think I would be a great idea.

  • Pancho Panteras
    Pancho Panteras

    yay i love this

  • Sawyer McDowell
    Sawyer McDowell

    I named my cat Sookie but she ran away like 10 months ago

  • Jamie Fitzgerald
    Jamie Fitzgerald

    I’m single

  • Ry Hag
    Ry Hag

    Why is there a tape pp

  • Mr Narwhal
    Mr Narwhal

    24 hours in tree house city and who ever leaves has to do a bad challenge

  • Mia Palmer
    Mia Palmer

    Hey Capron and Corey what’s your guys and the other and Mrs funk two what’s your guys personality my opinion is Capron: INTP Corey: ENFP or ENFJ sometime INFJ or INFP Drew: ESFP or ISFP Brit: ENFP Billy: ISFP Drage: ENFP or INFP Charlie: ISFP Tyler: INFP or ISFP Hannah: INFP Rydel: ENFP

    • Mia Palmer
      Mia Palmer

      And Bobby ENFP or ENFJ

  • Fortnite Gamerbot
    Fortnite Gamerbot

    0:02 i love the stain on the dog lol !

  • Tyler Wiseman
    Tyler Wiseman

    5:18 🤣🤣🤣

  • hampster101

    I'd like to be part of ur team I'm crazy and I'm 9 in the uk