First To Finish Ninja Warrior Course Wins!
First To Finish Ninja Warrior Course Wins!
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  • brycen spencer
    brycen spencer

    tall but fat af

  • brycen spencer
    brycen spencer

    he so fat lol

  • Marley Benoit
    Marley Benoit

    the reason there called the funk bros is because they are funky this grown men talking about ther ballsack

  • __________

    6:51 very good high five my guy

  • Jhon Abapo
    Jhon Abapo

    I hate drage

  • Nika Smith
    Nika Smith

    I am already subscribed

  • Julia Cooper
    Julia Cooper

    At 1:59 billy so me but straight into the first wall

  • CAUTION Games
    CAUTION Games

    He made this in my birthday

  • Jayden Kanyion
    Jayden Kanyion

    You’re my most favorite UZloadrs

  • XD_damiann

    notice how capron beat coreys time by exactly 1 second

  • Uili Ana Sonasi
    Uili Ana Sonasi

    kasey is drews sister i did not kown that

  • Isaac Reynolds
    Isaac Reynolds

    ik your copying somone from a youtuber

  • jayjay okay
    jayjay okay

    Who else wanted to give em' each a push on that rope? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tenzin Choeying
    Tenzin Choeying

    Does he mean the Bruce lee movie enter the dragon?

  • Maisie Beadle
    Maisie Beadle

    It is so funny but just before eli goes 13:33 you see hannah &corey kissing in the background

  • Alex The Gamer
    Alex The Gamer

    Corey should be on American Ninja Warrior

  • Dafney Bentel
    Dafney Bentel

    Dude this looks Awesome!! Where is this at??💥💯

  • QTDUCK Vlogs
    QTDUCK Vlogs

    Corey:now you get punishment

  • Hope Flickinger
    Hope Flickinger

    Everyone at 1:50 come on Billy! Also Billy at 1:54 jumps and also died from how high he jumped 😂😂😂

  • Sunny Dog
    Sunny Dog

    They move the cameras so much that I’m dizzy 😣

  • Doley Bell
    Doley Bell

    I hate you guys 🤗😎

  • Megan Thee Pony
    Megan Thee Pony

    Haha the way Cory said “ohh hi mom” 🥰😂

  • Jay

    Corey: WOAH..... Hi mom

  • BearintheArctic

    Charlie got 11.69, that’s impressive for the number 69 😂😂😂

  • Zaiga Melo
    Zaiga Melo

    Billy’s laugh makes my day

  • Damian Sanchez
    Damian Sanchez

    You guys should change edit style

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez

    did anyone realize they all wearing the same socks LMAO

  • ofk dae
    ofk dae

    So many different youtubers have been in that trampoline park now i want to go :/

  • Kydin Reed
    Kydin Reed

    I died when Cory said I want to be on TV oh hi mom

  • Aubree Pensak
    Aubree Pensak

    I love hearing Corry ask hannah if she is good he is so sweet to her

  • Yurkidjayfromyt Welcome
    Yurkidjayfromyt Welcome

    May. I get a shout out

  • Lily Arseneault
    Lily Arseneault

    You guys are AMAZING!!! I love watching your videos. Your videos have such good content.

    • Lily Arseneault
      Lily Arseneault

      I just subcribed on my computer because I couldnt sub on my tv. But I have watched all of your vids

  • Liam Chavez
    Liam Chavez

    My sister who has homework watching Corey doing it 👁👄👁

  • Aman Virk
    Aman Virk

    Guys bring the tazer back

  • Janet Grant
    Janet Grant

    Lol is one of the girls in under wear

  • Holly Hodge
    Holly Hodge

    Skkkkeerrr ow

  • Kira P
    Kira P

    You guys should collab with Risk House

  • Giahoa do
    Giahoa do

    Me as a 11 year old. I think I can beat sum of them

  • Mike Symonds
    Mike Symonds

    Nice job Dreage

  • saad legend
    saad legend

    who else was gonna go to the ninja warrior YT to see if they were in it?

  • Corza 33
    Corza 33

    Roses are red violets are blue I came from tik Tok and so did you

  • Damian Jooste
    Damian Jooste

    I though capron had Covid-19

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    So therefore Charlie cheated

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    Charlie didn't even do the whole thing of going up them ramp before hitting it like Cory and Capron and doing the full 180

  • Hugo Thien Xi Lun
    Hugo Thien Xi Lun

    I like it when that guy like den de da den de da lala

  • Kahlil Jordan
    Kahlil Jordan

    I’ve been to defy but I live in Michigan

  • nolan rosser
    nolan rosser

    U guys should bring back the funk it challenges every video

  • Javier Polanco
    Javier Polanco

    People say Coreys gonna die in 30 days

  • Sam Coote
    Sam Coote

    You are so energetic1

  • DMareonbuilds GG
    DMareonbuilds GG

    Shoes catch more grip

  • Shane Elizabeth
    Shane Elizabeth

    Where’s drew?

  • Nicole Beebe
    Nicole Beebe

    they didnt show the prize for charlie :(

  • Nicole Beebe
    Nicole Beebe

    they didnt show the prize for charlie

  • Flaming LeagueFan
    Flaming LeagueFan

    Charlie cheated he didn't go fully up he just touched the lower bit

  • Phoenix Rand
    Phoenix Rand

    I love how u just hear Cory slide down and go ow

  • Charisse Florida
    Charisse Florida

    Hiii :( I’m relly sad today so if anybody with a comment that coud cheer me up woud mean alot

  • The AlphaZ
    The AlphaZ

    Dude theres a youtober called 2 hype who plays many times there try chek em out they play basketball

  • Hayz Bros
    Hayz Bros

    You and tanner fox should have a scooter contest for $1,000 each

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones

    Hanna ur really pretty no offence to Cory

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord


  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    3:21 Corey 😂🤣

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Corey and Charlie are mad athletically😂🤣

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Corey’s mad athletically😂🤣

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Poor Drage getting tired after the first thing 😂🤣

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    The edits that happen now like the face zoom is so funny

  • Dakoda Morgan
    Dakoda Morgan

    Billy’s laugh always brings me a smile

  • Kiara Green
    Kiara Green

    I'm imposter run

  • Tha Tutti
    Tha Tutti

    Jan 6 is my bday

  • James Hirst
    James Hirst

    Corey should go on ninja warrior

  • Avery Swain
    Avery Swain

    Corey: high five *slaps butt*

  • Leopard Potato
    Leopard Potato


  • Jumbony

    I remember when I was younger just watching all your guys videos all day

  • PolarPaladin

    They are so great friends with so much respect for each other, i feel this is more for fun than just a competion because the way they treat each other. So amazing

  • Black guy named Requis
    Black guy named Requis

    does kamera man hsve depression?

  • Pia Korkmaz
    Pia Korkmaz


  • def rader
    def rader

    When is the next funk fam tour if u do come to Australia and go to every state.

  • Liam Cornwell
    Liam Cornwell

    Last time Corey got 11 74

  • moshy Florez
    moshy Florez

    HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I loveeeeeeeeee u guysssssssssssssss ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • Baseball Nation
    Baseball Nation

    Love the vids guys🔥🔥

  • Robin Patche
    Robin Patche

    Corey and cape on had great runs but Charlie is a beast

  • Tyler Hunt
    Tyler Hunt

    Hi mob I love you all and wanna say that cory inspiered me to scooter and capron

  • Landon Abernathy
    Landon Abernathy

    I thought Capron had rona

  • Just Kyle
    Just Kyle

    Corey: high five Also Corey:Slaps bum

  • Walter Peer
    Walter Peer

    I like Corey better

  • Hayden's REView
    Hayden's REView

    What song were you using when baily did the ninja coarse

  • Jak Kiepe
    Jak Kiepe

    Who thinks they should make it funk fam now bc or Rydel

  • Gabriel Evans Saiz
    Gabriel Evans Saiz

    Y'all should download geo cashing and go exploring for treasure

  • CaseyBig

    copied 2hypes video

  • og duckie
    og duckie

    Can everyone in the comments go check out my UZload e

  • LionelVentureKid

    Let me tell you something life passes fast and you have been through around four or five years of your UZload channel you see how fast life comes bye

  • Sam Burns
    Sam Burns

    20:19 was hilarious just because the way caption laughed

  • Jaxxon Pickering
    Jaxxon Pickering

    Love your guises videos

  • Branden Cawkwell Elite
    Branden Cawkwell Elite

    You dont understand what I would do to visit the funk house and come have fun with yall for a couple of days it would be my dream come true.

  • Alfie Hobbs
    Alfie Hobbs

    Drage: “ok billy, are you ready?” Billy: “nyoes” 😂😂

  • Cody Wegner
    Cody Wegner

    I'm sorry to say, but it is not even cool that Drage doesn't try his hardest. It is kind of sad to me.

  • Covertrug

    Love ur vids but I watch one min and go bored because I thought drew dirikson and other sweats were heee

  • qt_ aquaFN
    qt_ aquaFN

    Billy looks like pewudie pie

  • gavin dehart
    gavin dehart

    That would be awesome I think they should do that to.

  • Maddy B
    Maddy B

    Y did they decide to post it now they did this like a month ago?😂

  • Waylan Hang
    Waylan Hang

    I thot Capron had rona