Hide N Seek Vs The Grinch! *if found, steals present*
We played hide n seek vs the grinch, if he finds us he steals our present!
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  • Hayley MAKOWSKI
    Hayley MAKOWSKI

    When Drew was under the bed and kept on sticking he leg out and back under the bed 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 so funny

  • Christy Brown
    Christy Brown

    Best video with the Grinch!

    • Christy Brown
      Christy Brown

      minis Bo

  • Naomi Solanke
    Naomi Solanke

    Dawn a

  • Ethan Gee
    Ethan Gee

    Editing 5am: hahahahaha im coming for you

  • TheGamer Yt
    TheGamer Yt

    They should make this video a movie LoL

  • Sophie Gardiner
    Sophie Gardiner

    I was laughing the entire time :)

  • Owen Reilly
    Owen Reilly

    9:09 pints to britt spot

  • Owen Reilly
    Owen Reilly

    9:09 points to billy spot

  • traymar carter
    traymar carter


  • Donte Swain
    Donte Swain

    can i live with you guys when i am 13 years old

  • Kian Matthews
    Kian Matthews

    Bro this is awsome

  • Tine Marie Løbekk
    Tine Marie Løbekk

    Who is the gringe ?🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • brittanie cagle
    brittanie cagle

    Is it bad that he sounds like a German like I have listened to Hitler and he sounds exactly like him

  • Yousif Samad
    Yousif Samad


  • Sophe de la cruz
    Sophe de la cruz

    I tried eating while watching this...I tried..give me credit for that XD...

  • AlyssaB 20512
    AlyssaB 20512

    Same or if one of them screams.

  • madsrose10 Da real one
    madsrose10 Da real one


  • Hazword Beats
    Hazword Beats

    He even scream when he found them even the hiders

  • Hazword Beats
    Hazword Beats

    That sing this grinch made Funny

  • Brody Turton
    Brody Turton

    I feel bad for the dog

  • Olivia Jeanne
    Olivia Jeanne

    Capron: MERRY CHRISTMAS! the Grinch: hate it. 😂 Stole it from the FAT MAN himself! 😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew Dabbas
    Matthew Dabbas

    5:43 LMAO ha ha ha ha LOL funny Me when the military wakes me up

  • Anonymous

    Thus Grinch is an absolute ICON!

  • Brodie Nelson
    Brodie Nelson

    Soooooo uhem ahhhh ummmm ssoo Capron whatcha doing with that sniper?!?!?!? Edit: the sniper was at 6:07 btw on the shelf

  • Brodie Nelson
    Brodie Nelson

    Soooooo uhem ahhhh ummmm ssoo Capron whatcha doing with that sniper?!?!?!?

  • Ryleigh Schneider
    Ryleigh Schneider

    FUNFACT: Ryleigh Schneider just subscribed!!!:O

  • Sydni Howdeshell
    Sydni Howdeshell

    When the grinch said Oh Cindy Loo Hoo I laughed so freaking Bad

  • Sydni Howdeshell
    Sydni Howdeshell

    The grinch is so freaking FUNNY and when the grinch scared the little puppy i about almost peed my pants 🤣🤣🤣

  • T _hms
    T _hms

    Why was there a naked statue in the kitchen

  • CR3P1Nx x
    CR3P1Nx x

    Funk bro’s ever since Bobby joins use ur videos are popping but before he was there it’s was good but he’s like the. Cherry on the ice cream

  • Heather Dougan
    Heather Dougan

    The grinch videos are my favourite videos from your channel.

  • Jack Hendrickson
    Jack Hendrickson

    I liked subscibed and turned on post notifications

  • teamfuel88 YT
    teamfuel88 YT

    Who’s under the mask??

  • Damiion Smith
    Damiion Smith


  • Grim audioX
    Grim audioX

    Why does he sound so gay

  • NoobVSPikachuYT


  • harrison kirby
    harrison kirby

    XD the grinch is sooo funny!

    • Vincent1220



    1234567891011 the grass is funny

  • Casey G
    Casey G

    It’s the evil laughing that gets me


    I would shit my self I was running from the grinch he's so creepy 😂

  • Lauren Barrett
    Lauren Barrett

    Shut up kid

  • Noble Knight
    Noble Knight

    The light randomly came on at 5:54

  • Jonathan Here
    Jonathan Here

    i just me or did i see a rifle

  • Gleaming Thunder
    Gleaming Thunder

    I’ve been a long time fan I love your vids stay cool love tou

  • Lindsey Clemons
    Lindsey Clemons

    They are so cool

  • Carter Clark
    Carter Clark

    It’s claudius

  • arjun singh
    arjun singh

    3:50 you see the Grinch's actual hand

  • Zac Gary
    Zac Gary

    Ima have night mears for the next 10 years

  • Shadøw Gaming
    Shadøw Gaming

    It was a very comedic video for what I thought it would be 😂

  • K3NZIO AUA Rapper
    K3NZIO AUA Rapper

    hao moch rom or dee

  • C l o c k e r Z
    C l o c k e r Z


  • Hafe Lemur
    Hafe Lemur


  • Freckle Face
    Freckle Face



    The Grinch is perfect

  • Holly Alexander
    Holly Alexander

    Didn’t grinches heart grow

  • Holly Alexander
    Holly Alexander

    Puppy is so cute

  • miguel lauchengco
    miguel lauchengco

    Me laughing so hard 5:50

  • Caden_1107


  • Breybob

    Jim Carrey??

  • Keegan Hare
    Keegan Hare


  • Chelsea Guest
    Chelsea Guest

    I have tears from laughing so much and scream every time he finds someone 😂

  • Barb Tobin
    Barb Tobin

    The grinch’s scream is so annoying

  • Leanne Matthews
    Leanne Matthews

    Capron looked genuinely scared hahaha

  • DevilVibes

    He’s not real grinch I seen his arms

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin

    I love the funk bros

  • Nicole Durall
    Nicole Durall

    the grinch,, "i believe i can fly"😭😭😭😭

  • Susan Holden
    Susan Holden

    He has white skin not green

  • Samantha Saldana
    Samantha Saldana

    I can’t stop laughing when the grinch starts screaming like I’m actually crying rn 😂💀

  • Bridget Catoire
    Bridget Catoire

    A fake grinch XD

  • Fabian Esparza
    Fabian Esparza

    At 5:53 i saw the light turn on by it self right behind him

  • Gracelyn Adams
    Gracelyn Adams


  • heyitkason

    At first I thought billy was the grinch

  • shadowwarrior games
    shadowwarrior games

    In trying to figure out how they keep from bursting out laughing

  • Kady Glasgow
    Kady Glasgow

    LOL this is so funny I love y’all’s vids ❤️

  • Esme Daly
    Esme Daly

    I can’t stop laughing the grinch is a legend like you

  • Brooke Brown
    Brooke Brown

    Grinch is gay!!!!!!

  • Ava Dion
    Ava Dion

    Can you do more grinch videos hide and seek

  • Jazzmin Orona (Student)
    Jazzmin Orona (Student)


  • Jazzmin Orona (Student)
    Jazzmin Orona (Student)


  • az rahman
    az rahman


  • Mike and Robin Pritzkau
    Mike and Robin Pritzkau

    Hey funk fam you gies are the best UZloadrs

  • lol sisuna
    lol sisuna

    This vidio is so funny and Uplifting the day

  • Rachel Sears
    Rachel Sears

    Who is in there

  • Monica Houston
    Monica Houston

    It’s draining

  • Harris Heavenor
    Harris Heavenor

    Did anyone notice when the grinch was counting the light behind him randomly came on ?????

  • Firecat

    Where's Max

  • Aidan Miller
    Aidan Miller

    Funk bros are my fav of all time

  • destany rocha
    destany rocha

    4:07 "whos up here daddys hungry" 😂😂😂 im dead

  • destany rocha
    destany rocha

    i funking love this video lmao i cant stop laughing wen he screamed n hit drage wit the present wen he was found first 😂😂😂

  • Eduardo Tzep
    Eduardo Tzep

    I’m ready to run

  • Jenny Williams
    Jenny Williams

    I’m new to the channel

  • Jacob Sirb
    Jacob Sirb

    You should sub to me😃

  • James Sanford
    James Sanford

    That was funny

  • Help me reach 30k with no videos
    Help me reach 30k with no videos

    It’s weird that he screams like the actual grinch XD

  • Help me reach 30k with no videos
    Help me reach 30k with no videos

    When the grinch found cory

  • Help me reach 30k with no videos
    Help me reach 30k with no videos

    The way Cory screamed is so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Help me reach 30k with no videos
    Help me reach 30k with no videos

    The way that the grinch dragged billy across the floor and the way that the grinch is sitting right on billy and it is funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lorena Papa
    Lorena Papa


  • ON1_Bech

    06:09 I love the fact that he picked a tennis racket over a hunting rifle in the box on the shelf

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    Im wheezing 😂 this is the best When he found someone under the bed and he popped out and they screamed had me crying 😂