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  • Parsaydinthesavage !
    Parsaydinthesavage !

    8:40 another one of that sound and 1:30

  • Parsaydinthesavage !
    Parsaydinthesavage !

    1:38 oh no

  • Parsaydinthesavage !
    Parsaydinthesavage !

    1:30 that Sound

  • Devilss _UwU
    Devilss _UwU

    Me beast did this Challenge btw

  • Sleepzyyy_co


  • Sleepzyyy_co


  • Kendall Shipe
    Kendall Shipe

    The poor operation guys 😂😂😂

  • Maynard Muyoti
    Maynard Muyoti

    That catch by Hannah was fire

  • Aislyn Mx girl 03
    Aislyn Mx girl 03

    I know right 😂

  • Lauren Flannery
    Lauren Flannery

    dose any body remaber wet socks

  • John Harbin
    John Harbin

    Happy boy

  • SpotXGamer YT
    SpotXGamer YT

    You saw Carter sherer copy cat

  • Gavin Cardani
    Gavin Cardani

    Imma just guess y’all don’t watch mrbeast

  • Taco man
    Taco man


  • UTLI Gucc Stewart
    UTLI Gucc Stewart


  • OmegaX

    Alternate Title: Man Children get splashed with water whilst on a Ferris Wheel

  • Itsme Juju
    Itsme Juju

    If that’s 30 Philippine minutes it’s gonna be 1hr😂

  • Corporal Markus FSP
    Corporal Markus FSP

    LOL, so funny guys!

  • Sky TrexZ
    Sky TrexZ

    U.S minutes???? What other minutes are there

  • shannon hogan
    shannon hogan

    You should make a amusement park in your back yard

  • rattterspog

    corey is what keeps me alive

  • GTsnipZ -
    GTsnipZ -

    Capris is a simp

  • Sabrina Gonzalez
    Sabrina Gonzalez

    I love turbos flamas 😁

  • juliem_1986

    Ok you guys had some awesome workers! Loved it that they were apart of the whole thing!

  • juliem_1986

    I was gonna say "Corey doing a intro?! That's new!" lol

    • Kara Lefevre
      Kara Lefevre


  • Lisandro Wolfs
    Lisandro Wolfs

    I’m dying laughing


    Capron is a simp


      nevermind there married

  • Caitlin Lockie
    Caitlin Lockie


  • Stylz Roberson
    Stylz Roberson

    its the laugh for me

    • Stylz Roberson
      Stylz Roberson



    love your videos

  • Toast

    Not a copy of mr beast. Mr beast did 1000 laps, not last to leave.

    • Trey's Roblox Vids
      Trey's Roblox Vids


  • Mini Dobre brothers Fan
    Mini Dobre brothers Fan

    It is like u are at a water park

  • Christine Wong
    Christine Wong

    Was that a Ferris wheel or an water attraction park

  • Auri Harmon
    Auri Harmon


  • Katrina Mezera
    Katrina Mezera

    Is Casey pregnant that is what the funks said

  • Bernie O Toole
    Bernie O Toole


  • Emperor Guy
    Emperor Guy

    I know fact or cap are with you why haven’t you made a video with them yet

  • Amy ODwyer
    Amy ODwyer

    I love the part how billy is like my inner carnival kid is coming out

  • Jesse Vizcarra
    Jesse Vizcarra

    I remember these guys, I used to be their man maid back in lake Matthew corona California 😂😂

  • Diego CGP
    Diego CGP

    You copie from mrbeast lol dont care really just do you

    • Trey's Roblox Vids
      Trey's Roblox Vids

      Mr beast did 1000 laps, not last to leave

  • Beckham Bebout
    Beckham Bebout

    That’s a complement shorty😂

  • XB0X

    I wonder what their neighbor thinks of this

  • Debra French
    Debra French

    hahaha i couldn't stop laughing 😆

  • FENCH_TOST _08
    FENCH_TOST _08

    Cory just vibing

  • Monsta Monstas
    Monsta Monstas

    Kasey's laugh is hilarious

  • Brea Regans
    Brea Regans

    Christ the lord has risen, he died on the cross for your sins. Salvation is a free gift given by grace once you believe.

  • Melissa Winegeart
    Melissa Winegeart

    Hi Hi Hi Die ummmm not Die it’s Hi Hehehhehehhehheh

  • Bojan Siljanov
    Bojan Siljanov

    I will sub to funkbros

  • FTB__ Tr3o
    FTB__ Tr3o

    So I’m eating ice cream and he says oh sukie is taking a sh**

  • ENR 4
    ENR 4

    I dare you to last to stop bouncing👍🙏🏻

  • AJ Torres
    AJ Torres

    You guys are my favorite UZloadr I live the content your the best youtubers I hope to meet you one day keep up the great content .

  • Stephanie Mcshane
    Stephanie Mcshane

    How can u stay on that wheel

  • Ketter Hellakivi
    Ketter Hellakivi


  • TennisBear23

    My last name is Ferris

  • spongebob quarey pants
    spongebob quarey pants

    The way hannah screamed when corey said ill buy her a ring

  • Kendal Unsworth
    Kendal Unsworth

    This was so funny 😂 😆

  • Sabeen Chourbagi
    Sabeen Chourbagi

    Who was watching this and feeling such from all the turns

  • Sierra Owen
    Sierra Owen

    What other type of minutes Billy😂😂😂😂😂

  • jack hawkins
    jack hawkins

    capron didnt get a drop on him

  • Salem Mubarak H A Al-Marri
    Salem Mubarak H A Al-Marri

    By the way they copied Mr. beast

    • Trey's Roblox Vids
      Trey's Roblox Vids

      No they didn't, mr beast did 1000 laps, funk bros did last to leave.

  • Glitched Wolf
    Glitched Wolf

    Every time I watch your videos I feel asome and all the mental and physical pain slips away and it would be a dream come true if I ever had a chance to meet all of you but that probably wouldn't happen but thank you for everything 😊

  • Kacey Dirksen
    Kacey Dirksen

    IM LAUGHING SO HARD this was actually so fun 😂😂😂

    • Tom Dalton
      Tom Dalton

      Kasey I am not a boy this is my dads I pad but I am your big fan

    • Jacob Canning
      Jacob Canning


    • Flaps Productions
      Flaps Productions


    • Taco man
      Taco man

      You cute girl

    • Peyton Jordan
      Peyton Jordan


  • Hairy Harrison
    Hairy Harrison

    They copied Mr. Beast

  • Sokuy

    Is it water proof

  • Ethan Wycuff
    Ethan Wycuff

    Bring back fun funkin fridays

    • Trey's Roblox Vids
      Trey's Roblox Vids

      Reminds me of a famous game

  • Strange-grape 945
    Strange-grape 945

    Copy of mrbeast confirmed

  • Aubrey Peterson
    Aubrey Peterson

    Eww 💩

  • Isabell Laurila
    Isabell Laurila

    i hope mannbilly wins this challenge

  • Malika's Interests
    Malika's Interests

    omg the difference in Drage! Hope he is feeling 100% and healed well since his surgery, What a strong man to make that choice too. He is such an inspiration! Love you Drage

  • B vlogs
    B vlogs

    Anybody been here since their parents house days

  • dawn bazan
    dawn bazan

    Is Casey and Charlie still together

  • kayla perez
    kayla perez

    Billy is my FAV! His laugh is so contagious 😂💞

  • Peter Pankov
    Peter Pankov

    12:24 now that’s what I call a “bucket hat”

    • Dom Darklord
      Dom Darklord

      Haha yea

  • Sebastian Holguin Arriaga
    Sebastian Holguin Arriaga

    i dont think nobody wants to see their feet

  • DJ DUCK 182
    DJ DUCK 182

    Man what happened to the old funk bros, when their Channel was all about scooter tricks trampoline parks and drifting, it really sucks how fam can change people

  • Brekyn Gossling
    Brekyn Gossling


  • Koralis

    The idea might or might not be copied from Mr Beast

  • Maddie Jacobson
    Maddie Jacobson

    Personally, I liked Charlie's ferris wheel the best...

  • Mr Bucket
    Mr Bucket

    Only ogs remember he wet socks and the challenge bowl

  • Cris Clips clutch
    Cris Clips clutch

    Wanna be mr beats

  • tom tate
    tom tate

    can i play fn with u plzz this is my epic toby-6927 thx

  • trixxy bear
    trixxy bear

    Who is Brooklyn 🤷‍♀️

  • Kohen Jenson
    Kohen Jenson

    Wait capron is left handed

  • dalton dicara
    dalton dicara

    Y'all changed because of your girlfriends

  • Jad Kharroubi
    Jad Kharroubi

    Only og’s know wet socks

  • Levi Brewer
    Levi Brewer

    i live in a 100 year old house

  • Brendan Hodgson
    Brendan Hodgson

    Hahaha i don't know why they didn't just get the hose and should given someone the worlds hottest chip or something like that 😂😂

  • Ogkush 253
    Ogkush 253

    Why did drage sound like a straight up girl when they spilled water over him Lmfao @1:43

  • Ciara Clarke
    Ciara Clarke

    Great group of friends

  • Exotic Refresh
    Exotic Refresh

    Drage looks so good my mom had that same sergery like 4 years ago and still can’t eat very much or els she gets sick

  • Redjan Kola
    Redjan Kola

    Hello mr beast video idea

  • Casey Ashfold
    Casey Ashfold

    Love your videos

  • jman415

    The water made this amazing 😂

  • Kenton

    Build a pool and skatepark stop wasting money on stupid ass videos

  • Homie

    If I don’t get a girl like kacey I don’t want it

  • Lizzy Dicler
    Lizzy Dicler

    Charlie is the clear winner

  • Nick Klagholz
    Nick Klagholz

    Whos f*cking kids have a farris wheel wtf is going on in cali that i dont know about out there your either rich or homeless no in between

  • Shante Heunes
    Shante Heunes

    Love all the videos, do you guys have any tips for someone looking to start their own channel?

    • Steven

      I will say when your a starter use good angels and don't shake your phone or go pro

  • Mrbrickite Gaming and Vlogging and more
    Mrbrickite Gaming and Vlogging and more

    You guys should do last to leave a KMG ride named tango wins video

  • 1st RamenKage
    1st RamenKage

    Cool but did you know the new mc donalds chicken sandwich is litterly from chick fille