Dug Secret Bunker Under Our Trampoline!
Built a secret bunker under our trampoline! @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
Thank you akrobatusa.com/ for the trampoline!
Funk Brand: funkbrand.co/
MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

  • Jsweeneyification

    Randomly found this if I was 20 years younger I’d so be there

  • Case Cassar
    Case Cassar

    I used to have a little hole under the trampoline but the water kept getting to it so we just didn’t go under

  • Micaiah Arouen
    Micaiah Arouen

    Put some wood in the sides

  • Michael Swindle
    Michael Swindle

    You should have a 24 hour sleep in the fort


    Imagine what happens when it rains

  • Anime_ _World
    Anime_ _World

    Spent 24hours in there i liked and sub

  • Gabriel Norre
    Gabriel Norre

    here from tiktok

  • GDY Clan
    GDY Clan

    watch from 2:10 it’s funny

  • Is your boy TCK
    Is your boy TCK

    Can you guys please do a ball pit in your underground trampoline bunker

  • MR. Alone
    MR. Alone

    Imagine it breaking

  • Dominika Machel
    Dominika Machel

    Dope dude!

  • Meggie D
    Meggie D

    You should have called it the funker get it funk and bunker put together is funker

  • Ni Cutes
    Ni Cutes

    You should fill it up with ball bit that will be cool

  • pancake-fortnite

    this vid is insane !!!!

    • pancake-fortnite

      great coment me

  • Emily Uribe
    Emily Uribe

    Can you do a not edit video

  • Ieuan Gwynne
    Ieuan Gwynne

    You should make a bunker at the end of the zipline

  • Ghostking1277 23
    Ghostking1277 23

    Haven’t seen the funk bros in forever everyone has beards now 😂😂😂 love the vids

  • Cloudy Star Sky
    Cloudy Star Sky

    Me too!

  • Sephiroth Kuhn
    Sephiroth Kuhn

    Underground playground bunker

  • Sabrina Bowen
    Sabrina Bowen

    Make it a pool

  • candy cane lolipop
    candy cane lolipop

    My cousin Katie gurganus now's u

  • Dillan Hoegger
    Dillan Hoegger

    Underground arcade

  • Jonathan Kimball
    Jonathan Kimball

    a cool one

  • MyST VenomYT
    MyST VenomYT

    Build a foam under a trampoline😁

  • lessgo dababby
    lessgo dababby

    Bro I swear these dude are gonna have the best hideouts when it's the zombie apocalypse

  • Dark Gaming yt
    Dark Gaming yt

    Put a bunch of the single scaffolding‘s underground and then make a big bunker with a pool all connected

  • emmett


  • km milk
    km milk

    A Secret cave and then the secret cave goes like to the underground bunker and then you should do another floor like under the top floor you have right now

  • Nathan Rivas
    Nathan Rivas

    10 mill get a Supertramp

  • Shahbaz ahmed
    Shahbaz ahmed

    Hi good morning nice day

  • Tina’s Toy Box
    Tina’s Toy Box

    They need to make a other under ground bunker but filled with ball pit balls that would be insane! I would love to see that, like if you agree so they will see it

  • Noodle Boi
    Noodle Boi

    I can’t believe this idea worked I’ve tried once and couldn’t get far with how rocky the dirt is where I live

  • Lyla Baker
    Lyla Baker

    Make a trampoline par for your dog

  • Lyla Baker
    Lyla Baker

    Hi your the best people ever please reply

  • Joe Simmons
    Joe Simmons

    use the legos and put them on the walls

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez

    Add a second layer to the tree house n make the. Zip line

  • jill vega
    jill vega


  • Jack O Shea
    Jack O Shea

    Ye should call it the funker

  • leteman7910

    you should make in a dog bunker

    • leteman7910

      i want it too

  • Emily Thomasson
    Emily Thomasson

    put smoke bombs underneath and do a photoshoot

  • Dogs in The Yard
    Dogs in The Yard

    use the legos behind you and make a under ground lego room

  • NxL Reptile FN
    NxL Reptile FN

    Make a pool with a hot tub on the corner

  • Slime Duos
    Slime Duos

    It’s so crazy to think that capron is gonna be a dad 😂 he is still living as if he’s a kid

  • Jaxon Bond
    Jaxon Bond

    I Saul the tictok

  • Alyssa Damian
    Alyssa Damian

    You should do a trampoline city and one of the trampolines can be like a blanket hideout! :D btw I love your vids! And I sub and the post notifications on :D well have a crazy wonderful day!

  • Justnickyb Biniaszewski
    Justnickyb Biniaszewski

    Make bunker a ball bit

  • Sarah Mettle
    Sarah Mettle

    fill it with ball pit balls

  • Katie Stanton
    Katie Stanton


  • Anthony Ardizone
    Anthony Ardizone

    You should spend 24 hours underneath there

  • Shahbaz ahmed
    Shahbaz ahmed

    Hi good morning nice

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    The Man Show: And now for Girls on Trampolines!

  • zach wilkins
    zach wilkins

    I'm why but i read drug underground bunker

  • Jessica Holden
    Jessica Holden

    So cool

  • colt munroe
    colt munroe

    I saw that tik tok

  • Michael Becraft
    Michael Becraft

    you should dig a tunnel on the side

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      A bunkur that goes in your house

  • Damian Gutierrez
    Damian Gutierrez

    U should do a under ground pool with a slide

  • Sensei

    “what’s up guys walter here from the vault pro scooters”

  • Cov Bros
    Cov Bros

    I clicked on this video because the tv had Minecraft on it.

  • BLAZE ghost
    BLAZE ghost

    You should get loads of waterpark things and have a good day

  • J Bikes
    J Bikes

    I really want to meet you’s but I can’t because I live in Australia and one thing I really want to do is play a game of flip you all of you’s because I can do flips flat and on tramp

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    The life of a puppy: eat sleep poop repeat Sookie: eat sleep poop LET'S GO UNDER A TRAMPOLINE

  • Gionni Journey
    Gionni Journey

    Pool under the Trampoline

  • Gene Harrington
    Gene Harrington

    You should call it a funker

  • Frank's backup friend
    Frank's backup friend

    The life of a puppy: eat sleep poop repeat Sookie: eat sleep poop LET'S GO UNDER A TRAMPOLINE

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl


  • EthanTheWeird Boy15
    EthanTheWeird Boy15

    The funkers made a bunker

  • Logan Bell
    Logan Bell

    put a ladder under your bunker to a hot tub or a gaming room

  • Leah Lou
    Leah Lou


  • Bikes and Barrels
    Bikes and Barrels

    you should make two more underground bunkers and make the two small ones lean into a big one and on top it should just be a bunch of trampolines leading to one of the entrances

  • Leo Langhauser
    Leo Langhauser

    A bunkur that goes in your house

  • Susana Marquez
    Susana Marquez

    Hey Corey and Capron if you can please reply on this comment what happened to Caprons dog

  • John walker
    John walker

    overnight challenge

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson

    underground bunker to the house

  • Sierra Negri
    Sierra Negri

    play fortnite in the bunker

  • CAD Creation
    CAD Creation


  • kingtevvy jr
    kingtevvy jr

    last to leave

  • Sebastian Roberts
    Sebastian Roberts

    Make an underground highway for the cars and the top covered with tramps

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Nobody: Me: OmG wAfFlEs ArE PaNcAkEs WiTh AbBs .

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King

    Curious, what happens to the underground area when it rains?

  • Devin Wilbourn
    Devin Wilbourn


  • mike nelly
    mike nelly

    Fill it full of balls

  • Terri Watson
    Terri Watson

    You should make slime! 😂 lol

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Underground water slide that would be sick

  • Terri Watson
    Terri Watson

    Eli funk or flip funk

  • Terri Watson
    Terri Watson

    It’s funk funk actually your last name?

  • Marion Hayden
    Marion Hayden

    make a slide thag gose deeper

  • Mr. Gerald
    Mr. Gerald

    You should do a bunker that goes all the way under your house then decerate it like your man cave

  • Cristobal Munoz
    Cristobal Munoz

    do a tono to a ondr graon pool

  • Splizr

    U should make a tunnel that goes into your house

  • I like your cut g solorzano m.
    I like your cut g solorzano m.


  • Keith Foxer
    Keith Foxer


  • Lana Scomello
    Lana Scomello

    Can you do a giveaway soon like if you agree

  • Quad Bods
    Quad Bods

    You should do a last to leave in the bunker

  • Braxton Asher
    Braxton Asher

    Make it a ball pit that you can jump in from the tramps lik if you agree

  • Liz Tomlinson
    Liz Tomlinson

    Under ground cinema

  • puppets S
    puppets S

    Underground water slide that would be sick

  • Tyler Frieders
    Tyler Frieders

    When is the pond coming

  • gemielouhartley1

    Dig it lower and put a trampoline under it

  • Austin Luckett
    Austin Luckett

    Get like a hard top where you can be in it when it rains and put like the hard top on top of the trampoline where you don't get wet..

  • Just Willow
    Just Willow

    Yo you should buy like 20 trampolines and just put them all right next to each other

  • David Bradley-Doiron
    David Bradley-Doiron

    Last to leave or 24 hours

  • JohnEzekiel Ante
    JohnEzekiel Ante

    put a x box