First To Break Into Car Keeps IT!
First to break into the corvette car keeps it!
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  • lori winters
    lori winters

    Corey is so creative is is the best and Jason are the best in the squad

  • gfscoverage Sheriff
    gfscoverage Sheriff


  • BG GaMeR
    BG GaMeR

    bruh does this camera man has ADHD???

  • Joshua Karate kid
    Joshua Karate kid

    You can just break the window🤦🏻‍♀️

  • BrayBirds Teen life
    BrayBirds Teen life


  • dmirelez1

    day 5 of asking what happened to oliver

  • ODS films
    ODS films

    Supposed it didn’t over heat🤣

  • S Richardson
    S Richardson

    Such a beautiful car being broken

  • S Richardson
    S Richardson

    Bro that car there breaking is a classic

  • Agnesa Bytyqi
    Agnesa Bytyqi


  • LoneWolf _3
    LoneWolf _3

    The best way to make a car convertible 😎 😂

  • NicoTa641 Trevino
    NicoTa641 Trevino


  • Typz_raider

    CLICKBAIT!! But stil fun to watch

  • Priyanka N
    Priyanka N

    Pls tell me which car is it and model

  • Brian Radetich
    Brian Radetich

    I love the eagles

  • Stephanie Payne
    Stephanie Payne

    Get the Funk Bros to 8.M this year

  • Melfo

    Of course Corey would not give his car away

  • youtube boyz gta
    youtube boyz gta

    If I was you I would go to the driver's door and grab some clippers rip the door handle off it'will unlock the whole car

  • Carson Campbell
    Carson Campbell

    You should fix that white car that looks like a GTR

  • Ternellea Sealys
    Ternellea Sealys

    It's a Toyota sianna

  • Rijn sterrenburg
    Rijn sterrenburg

    BOOM 370.000 VIEWER


    what the funk

  • Danielle Hopkins
    Danielle Hopkins

    Hey capron,corey I added you on messenger and I am a big fan so it would be awesome if you could add me back!!!!

  • Anna

    Take a convertible fill it with water and drive it in the car pull lane

  • Salih Shala
    Salih Shala

    UuhhjofhahdcnyÄRImsbx^#^ygkdhmmhkgyyk und einen Überblick zum Thema des Themas- qysh po und der Entwicklung von Ya in Deutschland in den letzten Jahrzehnten in Deutschland veröffentlichten Studien der Deutschen Republik- 3und in Deutschland und der DDR

  • Jennifer Humby
    Jennifer Humby


  • Rachel Lovelady
    Rachel Lovelady

    bro capron has been so depressed since nova is gone

  • Brenna May
    Brenna May

    Where’s ur wifey Capron

  • Austen Bell
    Austen Bell

    Can I please have a shout out

  • fuck boys
    fuck boys


  • fuck boys
    fuck boys

    Noooooo car

  • Mr Fluff
    Mr Fluff

    Creative ideas nice

  • Shainnah Cooke
    Shainnah Cooke

    I thought that corey won he found the key 🔑

  • Wesley de Almeida Aguilar Wesley almeida
    Wesley de Almeida Aguilar Wesley almeida

    Dá ele para mim

  • Kyle Romero
    Kyle Romero

    What a click bait hahaha

  • stunt boy
    stunt boy

    Best video ever

  • Green Plays
    Green Plays

    I was subscribed to you but I unsubscribed now because that is just a clickbait and lie I hate you

  • Taylor Whyte
    Taylor Whyte

    u should do corvette hoodie again

  • brandy ashbey
    brandy ashbey

    I love your vide

  • Carson Freeman
    Carson Freeman

    Yo capron so sorry for calling you so sorry

    • Carson Freeman
      Carson Freeman

      I was looking at an old video and it said to text you for merch

  • HatBro

    do you know what a mcflip is

  • The Mighty Mackey
    The Mighty Mackey

    I just want to mention watching the mob, it seems like you guys stress to much for thumb nails and ideas. For me it makes the videos a bit harder to watch. Like to corporate. It almost stresses me out.

  • rahul Sharma dsss
    rahul Sharma dsss

    Remember me iam who talk on omegal indian

  • Kermit Alvarez
    Kermit Alvarez

    They are bord with thier money plus click bait🤦‍♂️

  • Jan O
    Jan O

    Where has bradley and oliver gone?

  • Laken Geller
    Laken Geller

    So who won the Corvette

  • poodle moth
    poodle moth

    Plot twist: the thumb nail is real and they recked there car

  • Kari Brown
    Kari Brown


  • Kari Brown
    Kari Brown

    You can not keep a car when it is broken dou

  • Azayle Moore
    Azayle Moore

    Bro as soon as he said yall cant break windows i said go through the roof😂

  • Yet The beet
    Yet The beet

    I thought it said first to break corvette keeps it

  • Legend DJ Gamer
    Legend DJ Gamer

    Funk bro you are the most funniest and craziest people in my entire list of subscribed channels

  • Hristina Dimoska
    Hristina Dimoska

    Click bait

  • Duckonchik3 Bob
    Duckonchik3 Bob

    Are they still pro scooter riders

    • Elusive Kaoz
      Elusive Kaoz


  • edwin oster
    edwin oster


  • Justin Dewan
    Justin Dewan

    Good luck in life, worst you tubers I subbed too.

  • TinyAppleTaco

    Fat clickbate

  • Jessica Terry
    Jessica Terry

    What happened to Charly

  • devin davis
    devin davis

    ok ngl I'm pissed off that yall did this to a sexy car my mannnn

    • devin davis
      devin davis

      buut then i was like thank god they did not do that

  • Olivia and Derek Montoya
    Olivia and Derek Montoya

    You guys should by little race cars like the one from boondocks and make a dirt road and race on them

  • Mason Goebel
    Mason Goebel

    Corey you should do a diminishing derby

  • LIL bozo
    LIL bozo

    I watch this video on my niece the ghetto in me wanted to yell at the TV I could have been in and out that car in 45 seconds 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Deku Rbx
    Deku Rbx

    Am I the only one who read the title and thought, “Wow, if you break it then it’s worthless!”

  • Emmylou Craig
    Emmylou Craig


  • MapleLeafzs

    you guys are amazing keep up the great content and have a nice day

  • Morgan Hiett
    Morgan Hiett

    That car is a beautiful tho why u destroy it

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    The second car i would rather have than the other one the older the better classic cars are the best

  • Kieran Mcgowan
    Kieran Mcgowan

    2:03 haha I felt bad for the dog like look at him he is like let me go plzz let me go

  • Kacie Owen
    Kacie Owen

    I love how it was complete clickbait


    Break sunroof

  • KxBro_3

    I love how yall are destroying the car so much to win it but in the end there is really no point because it has holes

  • Grubbsters

    I miss the intro

  • Keegan Martin
    Keegan Martin

    Lol I haven’t watched the funk bros videos in like 3 years and I decided to click on this one and instantly got great value mr beast vibes. I’m out again

    • Zac Marchesini
      Zac Marchesini

      they’ve been pretty shit for the past 2 years i miss the old them

  • Saiku23

    Yall should build a skate park in your backyard because I miss your scooter vids

  • Shashank Vlogs
    Shashank Vlogs

    I miss “initiating funk bros” intro

  • Equip Clutch
    Equip Clutch

    You just click bated everyone, but I’m glad😭

  • Uzair Khalid
    Uzair Khalid

    Click bait

  • sam stroud
    sam stroud


  • Harry Moore
    Harry Moore


  • will._bishop13

    click baited to the max

  • Will Revell
    Will Revell

    clickbait at its finest

  • Jake Spencer
    Jake Spencer

    Capon why on earth do you call your brother corwy! Its corey with an (r) not (with a w) you always say corwy! Lol

  • RJ paint
    RJ paint

    there dog tho 😂😂

  • GU1


  • Elizabeth Woolbright
    Elizabeth Woolbright

    I can fight I can open the glass with my fist just get some gloves in swing at the glass and then put yourself in and find the keys and then you can keep the Corvette IT THAT EASY but they do it hard way for it more fun and to make it more cooler for us

  • Jared Colbert
    Jared Colbert

    Fix it up and make it better for the coarse and raise it with the winning car from the race video 👏🏾

  • eos

    Click bait man all the time Corey why you be click baiting

  • juliem_1986

    Now Corey knows how Hanna feels lol

  • Andy Sanchez
    Andy Sanchez

    How did Walter won the car but did t drive it before fu*king it up🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Pancho Panteras
    Pancho Panteras

    yay i love this videos i want more like this videos plz i want more i love you guys

  • Scared0243

    Finally came around to watch but happy that you weren't actually destroying ur car

  • Haiden Danielson
    Haiden Danielson

    claim your here before 171,400 views ticket

  • Briley Mitchell
    Briley Mitchell

    I just can not whate till they all turn 99 and still be drifting

  • Alonzo Noriega
    Alonzo Noriega

    Wassup i wanna know what that song was called at 6:24 its soper dope

  • Jake

    Yall need to do a demolition derby

  • offroad awesome
    offroad awesome

    Corey you should get a side by side

  • offroad awesome
    offroad awesome

    You should get a side by side

  • Mekaal Mehdi
    Mekaal Mehdi

    Nobody gonna notice the clickbait 🤦‍♂️

    • Lola L.
      Lola L.

      Definitely noticed...put corvette in the thumbnail and in title, screw these guys. I'm out.

  • fabi don vlogs #pranks
    fabi don vlogs #pranks

    You jerks Corey won

  • fabi don vlogs #pranks
    fabi don vlogs #pranks

    Corey won he found the key