Surprising Friends With HORRIBLE Christmas Presents!
Surprising Our Friends With HORRIBLE Christmas Presents!
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  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    I love you cory

  • Aidan Zam
    Aidan Zam

    What type of dog is that

  • Sam Hofmans
    Sam Hofmans

    This is so painfull to see😂😂

  • Breanna Miller
    Breanna Miller

    Drage is so grateful!! i love him

  • Leticia Lucero
    Leticia Lucero

    You guys just bring positive and stupidity vibe love you guys

  • Just Joss
    Just Joss

    That puppy is soooo cute 😊 🐶

  • ALi_oP

    bro why corey was putting the dog in pipe bro it hurts him bro.

    • ALi_oP

      tthis got less likes because you wre hiting that poor dog

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    What IZ that background SKA music? Plz?

  • JC BiggyG
    JC BiggyG

    Who else was here for the “squash it” days

  • juliem_1986

    Love it when they start to fight and it blanks out to "brother love"...not sure if that's really what it is but ok lol

  • juliem_1986

    LOL Corey is trying sooooo hard to keep his laughter in when giving the present to Kacey

  • juliem_1986

    Corey Funk good at everything but wrapping presents lol

  • Sara Champion
    Sara Champion


  • Lucy Reed
    Lucy Reed

    I would not be able to keep a straight face through that

  • Eunice Cervantes
    Eunice Cervantes

    I love drage

  • Matthew Smaldone
    Matthew Smaldone

    Capron: We just want to show how much you mean to us and how far we’ve come Suki eating dirt in the background***

  • Phaedra Pacaud
    Phaedra Pacaud

    Kaceys reaction is so awesome. She was SOOOO happy about it lol

  • TinyGGgames 7
    TinyGGgames 7

    Honestly y’all should get kacy a Australian Shepard ❤️😊

  • Matt & Trav BMX
    Matt & Trav BMX

    Give them a present pls real present

  • Noah Vander Meer
    Noah Vander Meer

    Can I hangout with you guys I really look up to you and I was wondering if I could spend like the day with you and I subscribed and turned on the post notifications

  • Owen Cook
    Owen Cook

    Am I the only one who has a huge crush on Kacey??

  • Aaron Saunders
    Aaron Saunders

    It is Christmas when I am watching this hope I don't get the same gifts hahaha

  • Addison Piva
    Addison Piva

    Merry Christmas

  • M1tchq_

    anyone notice how funk bros r so cringe now :( i miss the old funk bros

  • Mason Ochoa
    Mason Ochoa

    I can feel the pain in Kacey's voice lmfao

  • Bill Dougy Claps
    Bill Dougy Claps

    Great video idea building a three story trampoline tower into the pool

  • SAD bOy
    SAD bOy

    i LOVE Kacey

  • Jeanne Kneifl
    Jeanne Kneifl


  • Jeanne Kneifl
    Jeanne Kneifl

    I like bobbies mullet

  • Wesley Gift
    Wesley Gift

    I put a box of bean boozle in a white elephant and the person left it lol.

  • Tiffani Quenon
    Tiffani Quenon

    Merry Christmas

  • Lo4dz

    I would think that Corey and capron( sorry if I spelling is bad ) are the type of people to put mandarins in stead of oranges in a stocking

  • Rihanna Findlay
    Rihanna Findlay

    If you see this and the funk bros you are the best love your vids and now im makeing my own vids ill start doing more you guys are doing great on your channel hope you keep going i,v watched since your like 12 or 14 vid keep it up.

  • little boy202
    little boy202

    there next vid should be skiing in my back yard ft billy mann :):):)

  • Megaera Henry
    Megaera Henry

    Nice prank Corey do more like that on your brother

  • Colorado Mountain Biking
    Colorado Mountain Biking

    4:53 😂😂😂😂 look what capron does to the dog

    • Colorado Mountain Biking
      Colorado Mountain Biking


  • Payten Landry
    Payten Landry

    Everyone was like that kid who wanted an avocado

  • Christopher Townsend
    Christopher Townsend

    “ no I love this” drage is so wholesome

  • Mr Fluff
    Mr Fluff

    They give them dirt OMG I wanted thisss

  • Ayden Garfield
    Ayden Garfield

    Can you guys do the kick ball again at a stor

  • Raglan Cokee
    Raglan Cokee

    Yesterday was my birthday and this was a perfect video to watch

  • Branden Nguyen
    Branden Nguyen

    Toilet paper is not horrible it’s legendary.

    • Branden Nguyen
      Branden Nguyen

      I mean it’s not prefer for Christmas but for the bathroom it’s legendary

  • aiden dowdy
    aiden dowdy

    Merry Christmas Funk Bros

  • Will Drums
    Will Drums

    Look at capron at 4:59 🤣

  • Srat Showg
    Srat Showg

    1:40 I can at last now enjoy a happy life because of, *Best Home Jobs Club*

  • Charles McElroy
    Charles McElroy

    Bricky Bobby- that’s all.

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear

    Kacey is so awesome...

  • KustardOnYTシ

    Make this the most disliked comment

  • CT music
    CT music

    Go back to doing overnight and survival challenge and entertaining stuff like that.this stuff is just cringy and boring..... this stuff not getting views but survival challenge in the woods got 1 mill views...

  • Ralph Samuel
    Ralph Samuel

    Now make up for this by giving everyone good presents next vid

  • Isaiah A208
    Isaiah A208

    You guys should do last to leave the tree house

  • Billy Burgendy
    Billy Burgendy

    Aussies. ITS CHRISTMAS


    I love your videos they are my favorite you inspire me and this was really funny. I got so board but then I watched this and I was no longer board.

  • Ashtin Haubiel
    Ashtin Haubiel

    Bruh capron is so serious that was hilarious. And congrats on being a dad capron

  • Vanna miaa
    Vanna miaa

    i pranked my lil bro and said his roblox acc was deleted

  • CatDude Gaming
    CatDude Gaming

    When u say Billy I go AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kent Azucena
    Kent Azucena

    ive been watching funk bros since i was 7 yrs. old now im 13, so basically watching them for 7 years i love the hype! keep it up :)

  • Alex Mills
    Alex Mills

    Yous should do more scooter vid


    hey they should do a prank when they tell them their firerd lol

  • Bunga Indo
    Bunga Indo

    Keren kk,, semangat terus yaa neng dukung semoga sukses 💕💕💕💯

  • Justin Lambert
    Justin Lambert

    the marshmallows for drage bc he is fluffy and such a sweet person orange for kacey bc she is bright and sweet the brick for bobby bc he is a building block without him some of these vids wuldnt be a possibility its funny that this is giving friends horrible gifts and probs not have any meaning behind but all the gifts kinda fit the personality of the person recieving them ironic haha

  • SUBSCRIBE TO ynxiee YT
    SUBSCRIBE TO ynxiee YT

    Dough🍞Nut🥜 Look at my name

  • Dax D
    Dax D

    Eh lame af. Expected better content from you guys

  • Judah Heeg
    Judah Heeg

    I don’t like your guy’s videos that much no more ever since u have moved to that house 😞😭

  • Tyson and bray
    Tyson and bray

    U guys Should go around and pretend to fire everyone or kick them out😂😂😂

  • Waimarie Benioni
    Waimarie Benioni

    I did with my cousin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Janie Hi
    Janie Hi

    I love it's I love ugis

  • Janie Hi
    Janie Hi


  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall

    where did gunner go???

  • XxbubblyxX

    When capron was throwing the ice cubes at Corey out of no where I just wondered if Corey is still afraid of tazers

  • Ethan Lindsay
    Ethan Lindsay

    The mob should go skiing/snowboarding in Utah 👇👍

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores

    Billy is so funny

  • Luz Jimenez
    Luz Jimenez

    BEFY i want to go ther

  • Liam Chavez
    Liam Chavez

    I just wanted to say merry Christmas

  • dumb dog
    dumb dog

    If Corey and capron see this I just wanna let you guys know im giving my 2 year old niece top ramen for Christmas

  • Mary McDowell
    Mary McDowell

    Do you guys have Snapchat.?

  • Mary McDowell
    Mary McDowell

    Every time is see the Suki I dieeeeeee she's so cuuuuuuuute

  • Noah Salinas
    Noah Salinas

    you guys should put snow in back yard

  • V Reyes
    V Reyes

    You should get kc a dog

  • Andrew vela
    Andrew vela

    2nd bad video idea last video sucked too. Looks like the funk bros are running out of ideas 💡 uh oh 😳

  • Nicole

    Anyone else love how much closer kacey has gotten with capron and corey

  • Tsm_ Chiuy
    Tsm_ Chiuy

    Everyone is like, "Awwwww, u got me a present, that's so nice of u!" And then they realize it and then they say, "u serious???" Lmfao. Also, Merry Early Christmas to all!!!!

  • Tiff ღ
    Tiff ღ

    *Kacey was so happy about the orange!* *😂🍊*

  • TheDanyDavito. Com
    TheDanyDavito. Com

    I’m so sorry I’m late but I love this❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜

  • thelego kid450
    thelego kid450

    Sub to airrack guys he has to get to 1 mil 80k away guys

  • dirtbike lj
    dirtbike lj

    your mom gay

  • c h i l l e s t
    c h i l l e s t

    I don’t know why she is sad in the thumbnail toilet paper is like gold now

  • Ajay Gilder
    Ajay Gilder

    2021 Corey Funk vs George janko Boxing that would be funny

  • Jocelyn Mendez
    Jocelyn Mendez

    4:56 what Capron did to sookie was funny

  • Jocelyn Mendez
    Jocelyn Mendez

    Billy is the funniest guy ever!!

  • Megyn

    4:58. Is 😂😂😂 look what Capron is doing to coreys puppy oh, and p.s what’s his dogs name again

  • meaganvlogs

    someone should make a video of each time hannah says imdead

  • will1234 will
    will1234 will

    Dr just have free games have to remember how us from this year's game up good have JP free good day 🛢 fir

    • will1234 will
      will1234 will

      Evil Genius

  • DramaQueen911816

    did something happen with them and nick? noticed nick doesn't live with them anymore

  • Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez
    Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez

    Cheap christmass presents,wow oh oh oh,thank you,bye

  • Jack Darlington
    Jack Darlington

    One of the worst videos they have made in a while

  • avery

    Thing Funk Bro Fans aren’t ready for😥: @coreycfunk ’s last trick @capronfunk ’s last prank @mannbillyreal ’s last joke @drage_kamerman ’s last video idea drew’s last flip britt’s last cartwheel nick’s last dare charlie’s last time holding the camera chelsea’s last idea kaceys last laugh @HannahRoeloffs ‘s last kiss with corey the funk bros last video 🥺

  • Zeb C
    Zeb C

    At 1:22 when Corey says we got drags a new car again the title of the vid could be we got drag a new car v2 like super car hide and seek v2


    Love ur vid keep the good content up❤️

  • Mason Herr
    Mason Herr

    Name the brick, Bricky Ricky