Using Secret Room To Cheat In Hide N Seek! *I WON*
Using A Secret Room We Built In Our New House To Cheat In Hide N Seek!
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  • Charrene Allen
    Charrene Allen

    I can’t believe he didn’t look up 👀

  • Brooke Marisa
    Brooke Marisa

    I am 4 feet 10in

  • Payton Conway
    Payton Conway

    My sister:hides under bed Capron: pff armature *crawls in vent*

  • eduard abent
    eduard abent

    My name is litteraly eduard!!

  • David Bert
    David Bert

    thats pay back i respect

  • dirtbike and atvs
    dirtbike and atvs

    1:30 funniest part

  • Ciara Clarke
    Ciara Clarke

    Great hiding spots good video

  • Tristan Vigliotti
    Tristan Vigliotti

    Even tho parts are faked it’s still good content

  • pat bevitt
    pat bevitt

    Carron is the one who sucks

  • Brodie

    Wait there’s a coles in America

  • Rustin Fitzgerald
    Rustin Fitzgerald

    fitzgerald is my last name

  • Joey Stefanovich
    Joey Stefanovich


  • Izaak Goldammer
    Izaak Goldammer

    No doubt about it Cory and Hannah we'll get married I'm sure of it They make a good couple And can you do me a favor and give me a shout out please

  • Allie Thebeau
    Allie Thebeau

    CAN I have that Appa car omg

  • Billy Ashley
    Billy Ashley

    What is wrong with cory in that car

  • Topz

    are gunner and drage brothers O_O

  • Danny_rblx

    Am i the only one who thought the mannequin was a actual person 😂

  • Austen F.
    Austen F.

    The tiger name is my last name

  • kimberly Padilla
    kimberly Padilla

    I love your vids there so positive and make me laugh great content 10/10

  • Redbone


  • San s
    San s

    Is that tiger real

  • ayriel pirius
    ayriel pirius

    Is no one gonna talk about how he just said lion when it was a tiger

  • Abbey Powers
    Abbey Powers


  • Kimsin Daniels
    Kimsin Daniels

    I'm your biggest fan of your UZload channel wednesday was my birthday

  • Rachael Begley
    Rachael Begley

    the way capron got hannah to come out got me 😂

  • Carrie Brunner
    Carrie Brunner


  • Alecia Lange
    Alecia Lange

    ::ᵐʸ friend     ʰᵉʳᵉ  ʲᵘˢᵗⁱⁿ  ʰᵉˢ already taken   ᵃⁿᵈ hes     ᶜʳᵃᶜᵏᵉᵈ  ᵃᵗ  ᶠᵒʳᵗⁿⁱᵗᵉ my  guy Uhhh 😩🤚😁😂😏🥺😅

  • Brittny Williams
    Brittny Williams

    You’re the best

  • Larson Spencer
    Larson Spencer

    I feel weird asking but are mama and papa funk still together because i haven't seen papa in a while

  • Alt1X

    “Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance".........

  • Melissa Hunter
    Melissa Hunter

    Should I check in the bank

  • Cameron Newville
    Cameron Newville

    I’m 16 I shouldn’t be watching these but UZload been so boring lately

  • Ahmad Halabi
    Ahmad Halabi

    Apa yip yip or apa drive drive

  • Gunnar Holmgren
    Gunnar Holmgren

    my name is gunnar I have a channle gunnar Holmgren vlogs thay have no sound so its boring but im a huge huge fan

  • GFN VelXZ
    GFN VelXZ

    H E L L O Justin Is Cracked At Fortnite My Guy Aka Capron

  • Brian Paulin
    Brian Paulin


  • Brian Paulin
    Brian Paulin

    I like the memes

  • Zang Yang
    Zang Yang

    while saying hi he drifts xo

  • Bill Stank
    Bill Stank

    Like video

  • Cape neon
    Cape neon

    Your mom has the same trailer as my dad ha

  • noach klatzkow
    noach klatzkow


  • NeverFoget107

    I miss the taser hide and seek😥

  • Joseph Litchfield
    Joseph Litchfield

    Lol when Cory said "charlie hid there last time with a blanket" and then pointed the camera down the ghost interfered with the camera


    I am a badass

  • Erik

    Was you have a cut dog I do to

  • Dark_phantom 123
    Dark_phantom 123

    Lol I do the vent all the time because it’s not a screw in

  • Lilly Nobles
    Lilly Nobles

    hi i woob love to see you in real life

  • Stephen Higham
    Stephen Higham

    Appa is from avart the last air bender

  • Omar Vlogs
    Omar Vlogs

    Love how it was a 8 second intro

  • repoWave

    I was pooping and at the intro you hear an bell my poop fall right when the bell gone off, that was ment to be

  • h

    me *hears appa and suki* OMGGGG ALTA LITERALLY LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Faith Grace
    Faith Grace

    Yo I was just thinking What if gunner is on the roof And then it happens

  • Brandon Price
    Brandon Price

    1:05 is that lion real?

  • Reloaded Mp7
    Reloaded Mp7

    These vlog styles🔥 the editing is lit

  • Miah Pinto Cortes
    Miah Pinto Cortes

    Drage is too fat

  • Trey Cox
    Trey Cox

    What’s up


    They live at literally a Airsoft Arena!

  • Loriane Mcdonald
    Loriane Mcdonald

    Tbh when you use these types of spot I don’t think that count as cheating cause it just an awesome hiding spot

  • paul dennis
    paul dennis

    For God sake stop coping the dangie bros with your crap channel please

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva

    Did he say Eduardo Bc that’s my name

  • Declan Quist
    Declan Quist

    Hi this is apps my flying bison

  • Ethan Terveen
    Ethan Terveen

    Who's the new girl jed and how do u spell it

  • Karissa Harris
    Karissa Harris


  • Sophia erazo
    Sophia erazo

    he crakt my forniget my guy ahh

  • Finley Playz
    Finley Playz

    Hi this is Judy 🤰🏻 she gives birth at 1000 likes

  • Tizzlen

    At 1:50 I literally thought he was a mannequin lmao

  • Abdullah KANDERI
    Abdullah KANDERI

    The other thing is the first day that we are on a Saturday or Friday morning or Friday afternoon so that you have the best time in a while for your family for your help in a few hours so that I could have the kids in your family for your birthday 🎂 birthday 🎉 so that I could have them in a while I was going for you guys and your mom so you guys are so excited 😆 see the other guys and your mom I have some great 😌 for the kids I don’t have any family in your life and I’m just so thankful 🥲 is a good 😌 I don’t have any of that I know that we can help but you have the family in a relationship that we are doing so you know that I have no problem 😌 I will have a great 😊 family I know that we can get your own stuff done ☑️

  • Sloane Barto
    Sloane Barto

    Yes ! Y’all should do a video we’re u go to pets mart and Buy 20 of the animals for 24hr

  • Riley Brooks
    Riley Brooks

    These videos are so entertaining 😁

  • JCG Ecards
    JCG Ecards

    U found all of them but I bet u can’t find it dad

  • xUnborneKnightx

    Thx for saying my name a thousand times

  • Cobroz

    I’ve been a fan for three years u guys are the beeest❤️

  • jujubat13

    Hi crapron

  • Aiden Krumaker
    Aiden Krumaker

    Capron: "This is my car Apa!" Also Capron: *Avatar mode engaged*

    • Abdullah KANDERI
      Abdullah KANDERI


  • Jackson F
    Jackson F

    The Tiger has the same name as me

  • Aubrey Fordyce
    Aubrey Fordyce


  • Shaemar Cherew-Gordon
    Shaemar Cherew-Gordon

    why does the mom live in a camper? lol

  • josh blanchette
    josh blanchette

    Rydels closet I wonder why

  • Omkar Devaki
    Omkar Devaki

    No point of watching it if you already one

  • Blasty

    Stealing from dangie bros

  • Alex Kuniz
    Alex Kuniz

    You guys are littery the best

  • xrt_ ghost
    xrt_ ghost

    your videos suck i miss your scooter videos

  • U us
    U us

    3:02 and he be cracked at hide and seek kinda

  • U us
    U us

    8:25 2029 gunner gets more subs than funk bros

  • Lari Huikari
    Lari Huikari

    Capron vented

  • Gabriel Hanks
    Gabriel Hanks

    capron sell me the honda yall wreck

  • RunningDoritoBoi

    Sssssss Comment hi if Yu saw this

  • Ian McWhirter
    Ian McWhirter

    You should do a hide and seek video with a k-9 to find people

  • Makenzie Long
    Makenzie Long

    Capron is ImPoStEr Report button: 🔴

  • Kacee Magee
    Kacee Magee

    I miss suki show her more

  • Julia rose
    Julia rose


  • Kelly Purpura
    Kelly Purpura

    When cory went in the droor he said it was easy because hes the smallest guy

  • rimsha Ali
    rimsha Ali

    Thay are copying dangie bros

  • Brody Blackmon
    Brody Blackmon

    Camron has been making dad jokes

  • Nicholas Andrews
    Nicholas Andrews

    corey did this hide in vent along time ago

  • Elie

    Have a good day god love you

  • Jailen Hughes
    Jailen Hughes

    capron looks like a 40-year-old dad lol

  • Harry Waide
    Harry Waide

    Me thinking what I didn’t actually know they got a tiger and it’s real as well

  • Cedric Scruggs
    Cedric Scruggs

    yoo hooo broooooooooooooo

  • Jamie Simmons
    Jamie Simmons

    your copying dangie bros dum dum