Built A Ropes Course In Our Treehouse City! *100FT LONG*
Built A Ropes Course In Our Tree House City that 40ft high!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
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MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

  • Dean Geiger
    Dean Geiger

    That’s amazing

  • Anya !!
    Anya !!

    omg they said cojones lol and if anyone understands, like this comment

  • Emma Kelly
    Emma Kelly

    Corey's the brother that I have always wanted ☺️

  • luminate Dax
    luminate Dax

    Pov: you are looking for comments that way this is where we come and hide if someone comes to murder us

  • Brandon Boonstra
    Brandon Boonstra


  • Lily Rodriguez
    Lily Rodriguez

    This is the homemade In The Game😂 If you don’t know what it is look it up (it’s very cool and fun they have a floating obstacle corse and A LOT more)they would love it there and have so much fun😂

  • Cooper Horley
    Cooper Horley

    The funks bros have my dream house and I love eu guys funk fam best channel ever and best house

  • Alfie Dryland
    Alfie Dryland

    Post more

  • wtfnico

    3:57 help me what is the background music pls help 😪😪😪

  • eva lopez
    eva lopez

    I think they’re the dangie bros now

  • L4zy Lug14
    L4zy Lug14


  • BcB Playz
    BcB Playz

    No joke he kinda looks like Arron Rodgers a little lol

  • Mara Lengeling fidgets
    Mara Lengeling fidgets

    Hey guys remember BCG bros

  • Redd Is me
    Redd Is me

    Corey going to be the dad that going to be cool athletic and all the cool things and his son going to be like my dad can hit backflips and lots of cool things

  • Melkia Williams
    Melkia Williams


  • Luke Sipe
    Luke Sipe

    funk Bros rule

  • Fearne Abell
    Fearne Abell

    I love Corey bc he wants to do gnarly this but he cares about safety but Capron he's still safe but he is like want to do crazier things I still love them both tho

  • Becky Newson
    Becky Newson

    I love you guys and your channel whooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Akro Nym
    Akro Nym

    Why they acting gay lmao 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Kym Murray
    Kym Murray

    How do you even build a free house

  • Spacebeto005 Gaming
    Spacebeto005 Gaming

    now this is an angle right here:)

  • Agata Sowinska
    Agata Sowinska

    “I don’t want to sit on my sing I want to come across it “. 😂 -Corey

  • Bananana hahahaha
    Bananana hahahaha

    Y’all should go to Play C Bus it has ropes courses, a zip line, ninja courses, and rock climbing ITS SO FUN!

  • Fat_69_Nick

    Tell Casey she’s hot

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    Alaina Weaver


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    Natalie Moscato


  • Fran Evans
    Fran Evans

    Wer can I get tikits for funk bros teampark

  • Marcie Aguilar
    Marcie Aguilar

    I am your guys biggest fan😁

  • Alyssa Estrella channel
    Alyssa Estrella channel

    What happen to caprons dad bod during he hadcorona

  • Alyssa Estrella channel
    Alyssa Estrella channel


  • Reilly White
    Reilly White

    Taze corry

  • A S B TV
    A S B TV

    beautiful great video wow 💓💓💓

  • Sarah W-p
    Sarah W-p

    That solo guy who climbed that mountain That’s what who in the climbing life call Alex honnald 🤦🏼‍♀️ Rlly capron...

  • Katelynn Jayne
    Katelynn Jayne

    Imagine what them and Mr. beast could do together

  • patricia keen
    patricia keen

    Hi Funk Bros I've been watching your Channel 4 10 thousand subscribers and I'm asking you a question can I come over to the house I'm a big fan I've subscribed and liked a lot of it so I live in Portland

  • whitwort

    You now what would be cool if you come to organ city so I can meet you guys

  • Absoweb

    Did y'all get a new rat since ruby passed?

    • Absoweb

      i'm new since the ruby video, im sorry for bringing it up, I'm just curious.

  • Lilly Grace
    Lilly Grace

    Funk bros + Dangie bros =👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • ollie egan
    ollie egan

    Hey funk bros can u plz give us some tips for yt bc just starting and are unsure who to get or name out there

  • Dale Wilkes
    Dale Wilkes

    Good idea for a video is the Worlds Deepest swimming pool. You can do a lot with pool like that

  • Harry Rodgers
    Harry Rodgers

    I love your channle

  • r4d br4inz
    r4d br4inz


  • Evrett Shaver
    Evrett Shaver

    And that's where we hide when someone comes to murder us.

  • Madison Forsyth
    Madison Forsyth

    Corey has the Cutest Dog!

  • Charlie Stammers
    Charlie Stammers

    Can you please shout me out

  • Kash Atkinson
    Kash Atkinson

    Bro love this video

  • Chase Milroy
    Chase Milroy

    I dare you to go to New York

  • GH Whitelock
    GH Whitelock

    Hey i need a favor. Im planning on going across the country's when im older. What are some great places i should visit in cali? All over not just one city.

  • JP Claffey
    JP Claffey

    They said they were gonna build a 2 srtpry thing then make a 12 min video about one course

  • Emily Edmonds
    Emily Edmonds

    guys once the corona thing is over you guys should go to to canada and in onterio there is this place in kingstion and it called sky wood its so amazing and tollay you stye you can do the obstcals and also zip lineing its so pretty and our family goes there every year also really good prices

  • alderstone

    Watching you guys doing backflips has made it my New Years goal to be able to do a back flip

  • Will Towle
    Will Towle

    Great vid well done both of u. Love all ur vids

  • Cristina Christian
    Cristina Christian

    I Love you funk Bros

  • Camren Haugen
    Camren Haugen

    Can I fly out and try it

    • Camren Haugen
      Camren Haugen


  • AutumnSpringsi

    Please post a videoooo!!! :CCC

  • Sara Larsen
    Sara Larsen

    I like your vids

  • Wearegood People
    Wearegood People

    you Best voice

  • Kira P
    Kira P

    Ik you guys dont scooter that often anymore but u should made a scooter vid with oliver tree

  • Samantha Soto
    Samantha Soto

    shave it off @Capron Funk

  • ExplosionBrooke

    Did anyone else order merch? Bc I did like 4 weeks ago and it’s still not here. And I want to support my favorite UZloadrs

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    995th, nice

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Capron gets a short joke on Corey whenever he can😂🤣

  • Waylan Hang
    Waylan Hang

    Corey has the rona too, are you guys still posten

  • Vinnie Burrell
    Vinnie Burrell

    Hi funk bros your the best I love your videos they make me happy you should do a part 2 for the rope corse # capron funk # Corey funk

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    vyour kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.

  • Magnus Evison
    Magnus Evison

    your kickback and your cheesy.

  • layton hide
    layton hide

    hi i have watched all off your vids for years

  • TheChillGamer

    What happens to ur goats when u moved?

  • Connor Weis
    Connor Weis

    Ngl I’m not tryna be a dick but Corey’s videos are way better then anything funk bros related


    hey funk fam

  • JermWorm 2
    JermWorm 2

    These guys really fell off

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    sima bilbeisi


  • Student John Gonzalez
    Student John Gonzalez

    that is sick

  • Stacey Mills
    Stacey Mills

    Hi you to are amazing

    • Stacey Mills
      Stacey Mills

      Hi you two are amazing

  • Robert Warner
    Robert Warner

    how do you spell narle n nnarlyerr?:}

  • Nellou M
    Nellou M

    « When someone comes to murder us » 😂 Capron 😂❤️

  • Ryan Meyers
    Ryan Meyers

    We got dangie bros and dangie funk

  • Anouk Geurens
    Anouk Geurens

    i go to rope courses all the time but they are like 65.62 feet high

  • Killian McCarthy
    Killian McCarthy

    I like how Cory goes no no no that’s lava but yet steps on it after Hannah’s attempt

  • DoTheLlamaShake

    Even more dangrous

  • Savannah Ward
    Savannah Ward

    Love it


    my name is eli

  • SebFromDa231

    Make a zip line

  • Britany Daptula
    Britany Daptula

    Yea that is really true

  • Christopher Medley
    Christopher Medley

    capron be like this is where we gonna hide when someone come's to murder us :)

  • Savannah Carlin
    Savannah Carlin

    I love watching your guys videos you guys are the best. I hope Capron gets better from corona

  • Biba Lonsdale
    Biba Lonsdale

    Once i dm u on insta and told u , u should build one of these

  • ely collado
    ely collado

    Ayooo yall kinda acting sus



  • Giraffe Tube
    Giraffe Tube

    capron has the same crocs as meeeee

  • Yaboi Westy
    Yaboi Westy

    Bruh I’m Corey and capron is my big brother lol

  • The Dino Crew
    The Dino Crew

    Yay cory wants to be the next DaNgErI bRoS