Ziplining Through Impossible Shapes!
Ziplining Through Impossible Shapes, very difficult
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  • Amy Bodway
    Amy Bodway


  • Elijah Nelson
    Elijah Nelson

    I’m watching again for the first time in years and the funk bros song intro is gone ☹️

  • Teri Champion
    Teri Champion


  • Panfilo Guzman
    Panfilo Guzman


  • Ambria Zdunich
    Ambria Zdunich

    i want your dog

  • Ziah lee Nxumalo
    Ziah lee Nxumalo

    ooooooooh pls add a pool or slide on the tree house city and mabey more rooms

  • Olivia Taylor
    Olivia Taylor

    The upside down one should have been called the spiderman

  • Bradley Golden
    Bradley Golden

    I just texted you can you answer me

  • Lena Guillen
    Lena Guillen

    I have no idea why I was so entertained with the Tom Cruise run executed by Drew and then the "subscribe" dance clip by Bobby at the end, in tears laughing I'm tellin' you 🤣

  • Kim Thomas
    Kim Thomas

    I really want to go on the zip line :(

  • Kago Teane
    Kago Teane

    Me year long fan

  • Daveon Daniels
    Daveon Daniels

    I been a fan when the first started UZload 2016

  • Just Lena
    Just Lena

    I have been here since the funkisodes

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin

    please can you come to the UK to see what the wether is like here because sometimes it goes to miness degrease

  • Becky Weisnicht
    Becky Weisnicht


  • A Rob
    A Rob

    Y’all might be true fans for a year but does anyone remember funkisodes

  • BrayBirds Teen life
    BrayBirds Teen life

    All of your real fans love you for scootering where’s your scooters ?????

  • Jacob Dowen
    Jacob Dowen


  • Fun Daily
    Fun Daily

    Can you pleas come to Australia so I can meet you

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee

    ok just wow

  • Laura Thompson
    Laura Thompson

    Remember sed or zed

  • Travlav 651
    Travlav 651

    Been here since 2 mill subs been a hell of a journey

  • Extortion Mod
    Extortion Mod

    I love your videos

  • AdanellyL Loaiza
    AdanellyL Loaiza

    I love you videos so much

  • AdanellyL Loaiza
    AdanellyL Loaiza

    I been watching you videos for 4 years

  • wanda evans
    wanda evans

    I have been a fan for 3 years

  • Ty XC
    Ty XC

    Yall should bring back the funk it challenges

  • Me12s9 Mersin
    Me12s9 Mersin

    Plllssss if someone is watching my comm can you tell me are they from California or

  • The speedy blue ninja
    The speedy blue ninja


  • The speedy blue ninja
    The speedy blue ninja


  • cookie monster69
    cookie monster69

    Honestly I just heard of u on snap from the shaving cream slip and slide but I love ur videos

  • The outdoor life
    The outdoor life

    If your a real OG 🔽 yeah you know what to do

  • Jack Ballard
    Jack Ballard


  • Liyana Bari
    Liyana Bari

    3:44 are they being twins for a day 👁👄👁 Nope just handcuffed to each other 😂

  • maxwell mckee
    maxwell mckee

    Real og remember squash it

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown

    Me I have

  • ShowTime Vinci
    ShowTime Vinci

    i been subed sence 1 mil

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    Any girl that can burp like that, is AWESOME! ^U^

  • Tyler Whelan
    Tyler Whelan

    you should add a vertical cargo net to stop at the end. and fly into it 😂

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera

    I've been a fan for about 2018 or 17 idk but Idk if I consider it og

  • CQ GameZ
    CQ GameZ

    L for Lionel

  • dawsen briscoe
    dawsen briscoe

    i remember the og house and tempest and the toy cars and the tunnels. dang i miss the days

  • I love car racing
    I love car racing

    I watch every upload btw Capron and Corey

  • Jes5e 12oss
    Jes5e 12oss

    *Thanks for the Upload, Bro.*

  • Ronnie Entertainment
    Ronnie Entertainment

    wait Britt was wearing pants and not shorts WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW

  • Lill Boss
    Lill Boss

    I have been watching you guys sens you where in a trampoline park and when you where in skate parks🥺

  • Gavin Wolf
    Gavin Wolf

    We have 69 dislikes😂 that’s funny!!

  • QTDUCK Vlogs
    QTDUCK Vlogs

    Who remembers funkasodes

  • issy_busy is weird
    issy_busy is weird

    If enyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

  • Joel Coleman
    Joel Coleman

    I have a zipline going throughout my 4 acre almost 5 acre property. It goes through lots of trees.

  • Henry Mason
    Henry Mason

    Woooooww this is sooooo coooool 😂

  • Tyler Mrosek
    Tyler Mrosek

    I have actually been a fan before u guys move out f your parents and stuff also i have been a true fan for four years

  • Tyler Mrosek
    Tyler Mrosek

    I have been a true fan for over two years since the crazy skate park days and the nitro circus

  • Melissa bear
    Melissa bear

    You guys should do a pull or a truck full of cake

  • Drew Butler
    Drew Butler

    when is the lake coming???

  • Black scorpians sqoud
    Black scorpians sqoud

    Who is a fan for more than more than 3 years

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    I really wanna meet you guys

  • niyasnation

    the outro lol I love this channel

  • Zozeyplays


  • McKinley Sheets
    McKinley Sheets

    Who has been here since squash it and taxer hide and seek in their parents house?

  • M4X EU
    M4X EU


  • PJ McNeil
    PJ McNeil

    You guys are the best you tubers I love your videos and you guys are the ones who got me to Scootering

  • Japheth Ramirez
    Japheth Ramirez

    Y'all are the best

  • Steph Swing
    Steph Swing


  • tina hollierio
    tina hollierio

    😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 can I come to the front Roadhouse

  • syangortu Sendiri
    syangortu Sendiri

    Og's funk bros subscriber know funkisode

  • Raelyn Whipkey
    Raelyn Whipkey

    I LOVE you guys so much i watch your videos over and over.

  • Claire Kreimendahl
    Claire Kreimendahl

    I have been watching you for 10 years now

  • Chance Sherriff
    Chance Sherriff


  • Side_scuff5 Fortnite god
    Side_scuff5 Fortnite god


  • KS6J1

    Been a big while...

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson

    this is awesome!!

  • Kendall Greer
    Kendall Greer

    I been watching u guys for 3 years 🤯❤️❤️❤️

  • Jasrin Nethon
    Jasrin Nethon


  • hanging with the homey‘s
    hanging with the homey‘s

    I’ve been following you guys since Cory did that giant scooter jump with a Lotta other professional scooters

  • Dalton Farabee
    Dalton Farabee

    Ben a fan for 4 years

  • snipez_V1BEZ

    I have been here since 100k subs btw

  • off_brand_zesty __
    off_brand_zesty __

    The upside down one is the spiderman stance

  • Alexandria Robison
    Alexandria Robison

    i ziplined over a huge lake before

  • Pieter

    Who ever see’s this comment, god bless you and have a great day

  • NS scooter bros
    NS scooter bros

    I am a true fan because I used to watch the trampoline filling videos

  • Nate Caringella
    Nate Caringella


  • Daniel Watts
    Daniel Watts

    Who's watched all the funkisodes?

  • Kherington .things
    Kherington .things


  • Owen Koniecki
    Owen Koniecki

    jeff i love youre videos my name jeff

  • Mila Kucharski
    Mila Kucharski

    get a pool

  • Wixfy

    Pls remake the lake here it would be so cool!

  • yeet skert
    yeet skert

    I've been watching you guys since you lived in your parents' house

  • hayden strickland
    hayden strickland

    Who remember squash it

  • Nelis Her
    Nelis Her

    You guys are crazy and cool

  • TracyAnn

    Get a wobble ball and jump on a chpling

  • mikael kelley
    mikael kelley

    I would love to come visit funk-topia

  • Antonio Montalvo
    Antonio Montalvo

    Where's Billy I just saw him on an ad of a belt that doesn't have holes and is perfect like qwhaaaa???

  • J J
    J J

    You should make a big I mean big Walter slide plz plz plz plz plz

  • ratlord life
    ratlord life

    Oof i remember when they lived with there parents

  • Tyler Shires
    Tyler Shires

    He said "THE REAL OG's"

  • mikeviny

    If you see this late comment you are cool

  • Hansie Roets
    Hansie Roets

    Cant wait for the pond

  • Chain O’ monsters
    Chain O’ monsters

    There were wearing the same shirt and it was tweaking me out 😭

    • J J
      J J

      Maybe it was the same shirt so don’t be rude you 2 year old kid

  • Gracie :P
    Gracie :P

    I love being the 650 comment