Dropping Heavy Things On Trampoline! *2,500LBS*
We dropped every heavy item we own onto our trampoline!
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  • Rainboweegee

    Th ony person taht can brake that trampoleen i yo mom

  • SkulGG

    Why was the wood blurred out

  • Kylerkiller123 Wright
    Kylerkiller123 Wright

    44 club vibes

  • Callie's World of Joy
    Callie's World of Joy

    My question is why did they blurr the wood at the beginning


    He should have said, “if you love me let me mow” like mow the lawn🤯

  • DJ-H Official
    DJ-H Official

    You guys should get a glass display and put all of you're memory pieces into it!

  • Ava Brown
    Ava Brown

    Anybody else just get a stupid ad like CeraVe what your skin craves Like ughhhh


    funk bros you should have 10 mill subs because if you don't by the end of the year i will be mad

  • Travis Whittle
    Travis Whittle

    Caption: we are dropping lawnmowers on trampolines who else does that!! Me: *cough cough how ridiculous cough*

  • Kids Beaver
    Kids Beaver

    Am I the only one who looked how ridiculous after watching this

  • Lavaes

    Woody got wood!


    Funkfan from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Ninja shark daily vlogs, life, mtb, and gaming
    Ninja shark daily vlogs, life, mtb, and gaming

    Who else misses nitro circus plz bring it back😢😢

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    So crazy

  • TuftRhino 3732
    TuftRhino 3732

    It’s billy screaming 3 times in a row each drop for me

  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie Hughes

    How Ridiculous: i wonder who got THAT video idea

  • Zakthebeastgamin

    11:05 he said the name of a UZload Chanel that does similar stuff how ridiculous 12:57 see i wrote the comment before he said it

  • skyler Musa vlogs
    skyler Musa vlogs

    Yo I'm really big into fishing can I have that boat lol would be cool 😎

  • SDW Lucid
    SDW Lucid

    Funny they say the neighbors say typical funk rod cause they said the opposite

  • gunther Nowak
    gunther Nowak

    technicly mark rober did it



  • teyibabyyy

    Hey where is drew and Britt

  • Alivia Ingram
    Alivia Ingram


  • Carter Shanks
    Carter Shanks

    Capron: imagine the neighbors opening their blinds and being like eh normal funk bros stuff Little did he know the neighbors are suing

  • Makenna Grenier
    Makenna Grenier

    u guys are sooo coo woo

  • Derek Silva
    Derek Silva

    Capron: “see how the springs are stretched... it wasn’t like that before!” *as he is standing on the trampoline* 😂

  • Ozy Hitman
    Ozy Hitman

    “Who even does this, “drops lawn mowers” LITERALLY shout out to how ridiculous..

  • JerryFaff

    After every drop Capron: OohHoOhOhhoOoHOhOo

  • Caye Hamill
    Caye Hamill

    I saw the tik tok so I was really insisted

  • Mason McCoy
    Mason McCoy

    10:47 is Corey hitting his dog??

  • Kolt Dog
    Kolt Dog

    Capron: We are gonna drop a lawn mower on it, who else does that! Me: Freaking How Ridiculous!!!


    why did they bleep out the log? 11:22

  • 76hoagie

    I love your videos

  • go away
    go away

    If anyone is successful in life...good for you I'm not

  • Preston - luke
    Preston - luke

    put rope on the lawnmower to the truck and try drift the lawnmower around

  • Izak Bandy
    Izak Bandy

    How many trampolines can a log go through

  • FishyWishy


  • BigBalfour411

    Have an amazing day

  • Cash Miller
    Cash Miller

    I will tell you how else drops lawn mowers on trampolines, Mark Rober

  • juliem_1986

    At 9:50 Capron is such a kid but I love it lol

  • Brisk free
    Brisk free

    " were gonna drop a lawnmower on a trampoline , who does that?? 11:05

  • James Amico
    James Amico

    14:38 And it was on this day that their neighbour lost his sh*t and threatened to sue The Funk Bros.

  • Austin gun
    Austin gun

    Love ❤️

  • Matt Neff
    Matt Neff


  • charles smith
    charles smith

    10:48 CORY IT THE DOG

  • MiniNinja _9
    MiniNinja _9

    Bro my trampoline got riped by a Stick A STICK BRUH

  • W Richards
    W Richards

    why did billy say pounds when hes american in he

  • Isaiah and my cat is a gaming
    Isaiah and my cat is a gaming

    U are the the best UZload

  • Prosmith 1224
    Prosmith 1224

    They have done some stuff before but not running around in a pool of milk until it turns in to cheese

  • Iann

    I don’t mean this in a rude way but can you please say ohh my gosh instead I love your videos 😁

  • Jo Allder
    Jo Allder

    Capron: WERE GONNA BE DROPPING A LAWN MOWER ONTO A TRAMPOLINE WHO ELSE DOES THAT! Me: *cough cough* How Ridiculous *cough cough*

  • Jesse Folds
    Jesse Folds


  • DLR Gaming
    DLR Gaming

    The one who u sent the messages about March sorry message and my birthday.

  • DLR Gaming
    DLR Gaming

    Hey guys it’s me drake remember me?

  • Frisher Gisher
    Frisher Gisher

    For some reason youtube doesn't want to notify me, I missed so many vids :(

  • Miles Covert
    Miles Covert

    Can you bring back the old intro plz

  • Rylan Snitker
    Rylan Snitker

    The new trampotractor 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Will Hendry
    Will Hendry

    Yo sup I love you guys you make awesome videos

  • Godbotleader 09
    Godbotleader 09

    Hi funkd

  • anas shuri
    anas shuri

    hannah is cheating corey she say cute to kayce

  • Fly Guy Kam
    Fly Guy Kam

    That’s cursed lol

  • Destiny Baisden
    Destiny Baisden

    Y’all are absolutely amazing, love you all so much, keep up the fantastic work ‼️💞💞

  • Sawyer Metcalfe
    Sawyer Metcalfe

    Dredge should try to break the trampoline

  • Dinger D
    Dinger D

    I love how Hannah was driving the truck

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga

    "we dropping lawn mowers on trampolines who else does that?".. How ridiculous.. that's the group who does stuff like this lmao

  • Alim Turan
    Alim Turan

    15:44 the new momo

  • issy_busy is weird
    issy_busy is weird

    If enyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

  • Dale Cameron
    Dale Cameron

    I have that same anvil😂😂😂

  • TRN Seeker
    TRN Seeker

    Billy’s so funny 😂 I died when he said that was a thicc bobble

  • Family Smith
    Family Smith

    i wanted the wood to be small but it was big

  • Nathan Hammond
    Nathan Hammond


  • Dylan Mann
    Dylan Mann


  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris

    Can you send me a trampoline

  • Roxanne Dent
    Roxanne Dent

    “Who else does that” How Ridiculous from Australia

  • Coleman Twigg
    Coleman Twigg

    Get some trees put in to block the neighbors view so he can’t complain

  • B. Andres Gutierrez
    B. Andres Gutierrez

    Watch out for the dog, some day something might hit him :(, but great video :)

  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez

    This channels dying out slowly

  • Alexis Soto
    Alexis Soto

    Not Amanda a man 😂😂

  • Hunter Morris
    Hunter Morris

    @ 9:16 it sound like mater from lighting mcqueen

  • Dylan Jeffries
    Dylan Jeffries

    I think you guys should collaborate with unspeakable

  • Howe’s Life
    Howe’s Life

    Loved the How Ridiculous reference! If you want to get on their level you need to go way bigger. Good luck!

  • Joe Bockhahn
    Joe Bockhahn

    “You guys see that this spring is stretched” while standing on the trampoline next to the spring haha!!!

  • The Winkelmans
    The Winkelmans

    You guys should do ur old intro videos that you guys did a year ago

    • The Winkelmans
      The Winkelmans

      Does anybody remember the old intros

  • Tiff ღ
    Tiff ღ

    *Capron's scream tho lmaoooo* *😂😭*


    holy shit yall need a jack hammer!! shit

  • Noah Markway
    Noah Markway

    When that suvel Sticked in the ground how

  • L34KS

    Could you guys bring the old intro back for a week or make a new one

  • Cameron Welch
    Cameron Welch

    The overreaction

  • Sage Canavan
    Sage Canavan

    498 lmao

  • lego yoda
    lego yoda

    Bobby honestly reminds me on Gibby from iCarly

  • Abram McHenry
    Abram McHenry

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee you guys

  • Michael Erdmier
    Michael Erdmier

    "Who else does this?" The How Ridiculous channel does this. Update: They know lol.

  • Pancho Panteras
    Pancho Panteras

    i love this videos i want more i like this

  • Christian Figueroa
    Christian Figueroa

    The most annoying thing is the beeping from the machine

  • Danielle Rust
    Danielle Rust

    Video idea funk bros vs lynch bros

  • 9 gaming
    9 gaming

    How not brake

  • Timlet


  • joha364f

    8:11 the phone

  • Cooper McDaniel
    Cooper McDaniel

    This video is so destructive, I love it.

  • Taylor Harrington
    Taylor Harrington

    Y'all need to team up with how ridiculous now.