We Wrapped Drew's Entire Room With Christmas Paper! *PRANK*
We Wrapped Drew's Entire Room With Christmas Wrapping Paper! *PRANK*
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  • rheajade01

    That was so cool

  • Kacey Vratis
    Kacey Vratis

    Capron you little ya-hoo

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez


  • juliem_1986

    Corey getting wrapped up in tape "Hannah!" aw

  • Grace Brann
    Grace Brann

    Did he say honeymoon? Hold up at 4:06

  • Adam Howell
    Adam Howell

    Corey- wow you’re so lucky you don’t have to use a ladder 😂😂

  • Carlton Forever
    Carlton Forever


  • Whetclan_YT

    I love how Drew had his backpack on the hole time

  • Bailey Flannery
    Bailey Flannery

    aww your dog with the bow corey and capron oooo classes

    • Bailey Flannery
      Bailey Flannery

      capron when he sees drews classes ooooooooooooooo

  • Jadelyn Mosebach
    Jadelyn Mosebach

    Hi drew

  • Sarah Giddens
    Sarah Giddens

    DO a challenge spending24 hours in a movie theater

  • Beau The Hockey Player
    Beau The Hockey Player

    00:53 my name is beau

  • EX_ZinXy.

    Can people take a minute to see where is nove is their dog they got 1year a go

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 72

    God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Markus Wallace
    Markus Wallace

    hi hope u have a good Christmas

  • Addie Henkel
    Addie Henkel

    They always find a way to make me laugh

  • Laney Fischer
    Laney Fischer

    You guys could do the same thing that you did to drew and maybe do it to Corey!!

  • syrus debow
    syrus debow

    Can I have sum money?

  • Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy

    Hide and seek in the White House how sick will that be

  • Steve Murphy
    Steve Murphy

    I love you guys your videos are so awesome especially the hide-and-seek ones those are my favorite so I've got a challenge for you I'm pretty sure it will never happen but anyhow I would love to see you guys do a hide and seek at Alcatraz that would be the s***

  • Tobywarzombie 1
    Tobywarzombie 1

    Fill a box full of tasers and give it to Corey and then get everyone in the house to zap him and it would be soooooo bad for a trick 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Proulx
    Matt Proulx

    This was funny Capron and Corey

  • Coleslaw

    How long did this take and was it worth it

  • Rebekah Dempsey
    Rebekah Dempsey

    Next time you wrap someone’s room like that you should redo it and then wrap it so when they unwrap it it’s a really big surprise

  • Isobel Chrisco
    Isobel Chrisco

    So this video has 755 comments counting mine but Drew has a comment and it has 958 comments isn't that funny.

  • Mahi Sharma
    Mahi Sharma

    I like this episod

  • LildorAツ

    That’s funny


    Y’all are amazing🤪😎

  • U prob found me from Tik tok
    U prob found me from Tik tok

    Don’t lick snowmen ⛄️

  • Kristi Willis
    Kristi Willis

    You guys all should do a secret Santa for Christmas

  • Daeshon Ahmed
    Daeshon Ahmed

    Go in the ocean in a bounce house

  • Bell Portraits
    Bell Portraits

    Capron shave your beard

  • Zychlo

    He called a bayonet a gun lmao

  • Simon Goddard
    Simon Goddard

    I have been watching your videos for over a year

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman

    Hop you guys have a good Christmas 🎄

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman

    But still never met you and someday wish to meat you

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman

    I am your biggest fan

  • Austin Nelli
    Austin Nelli

    Haven't seen this prank before...

  • Ghost reaper
    Ghost reaper

    Yo Corey someone said on TikTok you during in 30 and you play in water where you wanted to be buried. Is that true not try to be despicable

  • Maddie Bieker
    Maddie Bieker

    i love how capron decided to wear maverick merch showing that it is ok to like other peoples channels not only their own

  • Amanda Hodson
    Amanda Hodson

    I have subbed and liked this vid and turned on notifications :) u other people should to and u has permit to call me out for dis :>

  • Caiden Hohensee
    Caiden Hohensee

    Caprons mav merch tho

  • The sister Show
    The sister Show


  • Clmx Blu
    Clmx Blu

    Step bro why is my bed rapped

  • Gaetan Duval
    Gaetan Duval

    You should have a flip challenge

  • Drew Halloran
    Drew Halloran

    Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo ,

  • Christmasler

    Is it just me or has their been like 6 different youtube videos and the video was wrapping a room with wrapping paper

  • Taco Guy
    Taco Guy

    That’s why they were out of my favorite toilet paper

  • Landon 2020
    Landon 2020

    Make a in ground trampoline

  • Billy Duck
    Billy Duck

    My girlfriend dumped me yesterday 😢😭🥺😩

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia


  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia


  • Hussam Abuirshaid
    Hussam Abuirshaid

    Ok so dont get mad at me but I have been watching ur vids for 3 years but never thought of subbing to u 😅😅 sorry

  • Wynston E
    Wynston E


  • richard haywood
    richard haywood

    love u ages hahahah

    • richard haywood
      richard haywood


  • Elijah Tuttle
    Elijah Tuttle

    Yo Corey I like your hair cut it looks supper good and Capron SUPER EXITED for you and Rydel

  • Paityn Watts
    Paityn Watts

    You guys should have a chanle called the flip bros where you do flip thing like even with water bottles like if you agree please like. 👇

  • Lildummy2317

    They always say how much wrapping paper they bought. They never say anything about how much tape they use. Lmao

  • Liam Longoria
    Liam Longoria

    UZload is getting way to comfortable with the double ads that you can’t skip

  • Dialz


  • Terrence John Mangaoang
    Terrence John Mangaoang

    I don't have a Christmas present for me 😔😥😢😭

  • Brooks Atwood
    Brooks Atwood

    Drug be quite

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Hello there

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Drew needs to do that TikTok challenge where they stop the fan

  • Fallon Morgan
    Fallon Morgan

    Go get them back drew

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    Nice, prank wars

  • Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord

    The bottle flip got me 😂🤣

  • Rl Edits
    Rl Edits

    Drew: It's a bayonet... Wait that's a gun Me: Why why its not a gun😭🤦‍♀️

  • Karen Bayliss
    Karen Bayliss

    I can tell capron Isnt that good at rapping lol rip rip rrriiipp

  • Zixy Random
    Zixy Random

    Sigh* I just had an add right after capron said she’s a thick girl..... sooo yeah..

  • Trey Gallup
    Trey Gallup

    Capron. Stop being domb

  • fishing goon
    fishing goon

    Fuck christmas!!!

  • Carly Collison
    Carly Collison

    Funk bros

  • Carly Collison
    Carly Collison

    Hey can I do avid with you

  • Jimmy Merheb
    Jimmy Merheb

    Hi love you guys

  • Julia Hart Boroczi
    Julia Hart Boroczi

    i like how drew kept his backpack on

  • X-ScoobyD Fortnite
    X-ScoobyD Fortnite

    Who else gets nun for Christmas cuz day por as heck

  • Axl M8
    Axl M8

    I can’t imagine what Rydel and Hannah’s Christmas gift’s are going to look like with them wrapping them 😂

  • TwistedZachXX 16
    TwistedZachXX 16

    Bro a bayonet isn’t a gun it’s a long knife that goes in the end of a older gun

  • Austin Saxfield
    Austin Saxfield

    I am one of you biggest fans I love you guy’s

  • Paula Cattell
    Paula Cattell


  • Albert Weismiller
    Albert Weismiller

    Lol drew

  • Albert Weismiller
    Albert Weismiller


  • Andrew Gertler
    Andrew Gertler

    these new videos aren’t that good compared to the old ones

  • Caden Tyler
    Caden Tyler

    His haircut looks good

  • Jordan Coomer
    Jordan Coomer

    Who's ready for Dec 21?

  • Tiff ღ
    Tiff ღ

    *"We knock him out with the baseball bat"* *WHEN I TELL YOU I LAUGHED* *😂👏🏻*

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus Christ is king

  • Grady Haney
    Grady Haney

    Remember when capron did a double backflip triple inward at the nitro circus ahh good old times

  • Alexis Fuhr
    Alexis Fuhr

    @6:57 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  • james padilla
    james padilla

    Yes u will

  • Adan Baltazar
    Adan Baltazar

    4:31 reaction

  • Walker garrett
    Walker garrett

    Do y’all really call it Christmas paper cuz I call it wrapping paper

  • Adrienne Morrisey-Robichaud
    Adrienne Morrisey-Robichaud

    nice hair cut Corey

  • Adrienne Morrisey-Robichaud
    Adrienne Morrisey-Robichaud

    nice hair cut Corey

  • NATE

    You probably won’t see this but Fill the room with all of the balls

  • Kayla Angrand
    Kayla Angrand

    ❤️ watching your channel,I hope one day I’ll get to meet you

  • Makayla Ontiveros
    Makayla Ontiveros

    Wrapped my room:turns into anime


    sadly i can not have xmas this year because we can not afford it this year

  • Iron_Man3000 R.I.P
    Iron_Man3000 R.I.P

    I can't even wrap a box