Built Giant Lego Pool! *100,000 Gallons*
Built Giant Lego Pool! *100,000 Gallons*
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  • Nicole Martin
    Nicole Martin

    Slime lego pool

  • Kolten Trost
    Kolten Trost

    You should do Oobleck

  • Trexgamer67 G
    Trexgamer67 G

    Imagine a lego tower with stories that they can stand on and go inside

  • Amelia Mayne
    Amelia Mayne

    do an orby video like Kaden said

  • lncrediblehulk 31
    lncrediblehulk 31

    You should fill it with ball pit balls

  • Jodi Rosser
    Jodi Rosser


  • peoplearecrazyyyy

    24 hour is ball pit in leggos and get a cup and write down things to try to get them out and fold them and every 5 min the have to get one the last one of gets something of yalls choice

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar

    Or make a pool in the house

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar

    You should do 24 hours in ball bit

  • Jill Hicks
    Jill Hicks


  • Gregory Brisco
    Gregory Brisco


  • Lauren Flannery
    Lauren Flannery

    you guys make the best videos ever love bailey flannery

  • ʜAᴍSᴛEʀ ö
    ʜAᴍSᴛEʀ ö

    This is how you get a pool kids :’)

  • Brayden Carnes
    Brayden Carnes

    Y’all should fill it with slime

  • Alexis Herbert
    Alexis Herbert

    i smelt the wet dog through the phone


    You should fill it with baby's

  • Leland Moffat
    Leland Moffat

    Weres the fucking socks

  • April Jones
    April Jones

    orbys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vincent Gardner
    Vincent Gardner


  • monkey lol
    monkey lol

    You guys should fill it with mannequin limbs for gunner

  • Vicky Hoskins
    Vicky Hoskins

    Congratulations capron for the Baby

  • Vicky Hoskins
    Vicky Hoskins

    Hope gunner gets better

  • Charlotte Sharratt
    Charlotte Sharratt

    U should fill it full of baked beans

  • Michaila Nussey
    Michaila Nussey

    And orbys

  • Michaila Nussey
    Michaila Nussey

    And slime

  • Michaila Nussey
    Michaila Nussey

    You should fill the pool with ooblek

  • ThisTacoCat50

    fill it with chipotle beans

  • WhyTrentXD

    Bigger and taller lago pool and put a 3 story for jumping off of

  • Steven Painter
    Steven Painter

    24r hot Cheetos

  • Raul Talavera
    Raul Talavera

    Try r

  • Floyd Wright
    Floyd Wright

    cory cheated so hard in the race

  • Angel Banuelos
    Angel Banuelos

    Or bees

  • Angel Banuelos
    Angel Banuelos

    You guys are lit.every day

  • Maxtyn Shumaker
    Maxtyn Shumaker


  • Jayanilee Sanchez
    Jayanilee Sanchez

    You should put slime And stay there for 24 hours

  • electric pro
    electric pro

    Mak a last to leave

  • Kermit

    tell Gunner i hope he gets well soon ❤️

  • Jc Bros
    Jc Bros


  • Brock R. Vlogs
    Brock R. Vlogs

    It’s Gunnar’s fault for being STUPID

  • •Haunter•

    Water is wet- I mean unless it’s one water molecule but if it has more than one molecule than there fore water is wet :)

  • Soccergirl 123
    Soccergirl 123

    Fill it up with orbeezz

  • Victoria Auyanet
    Victoria Auyanet

    48 hour challenge in a ball pit. I loved this video by the way. You guys are HILARIOUS.

  • Vanessa Rodrigues
    Vanessa Rodrigues

    For your next vid you should do a last to leave/24 hour challenge in a orbeez pool

  • Bailey Webb
    Bailey Webb

    12:48 Corey and Bobby being childish meanwhile suki: ._.

  • CoRe Gunn3r
    CoRe Gunn3r

    fill whith ice cream

  • Harlem Doole
    Harlem Doole

    24 hours in orange juice

  • Cassius Wright
    Cassius Wright

    Fill it with milk and cereal

  • Ava Hughes
    Ava Hughes

    Do I pool full of pool noodles

  • Chrono Sabers
    Chrono Sabers

    Ball pit balls

  • Chrono Sabers
    Chrono Sabers

    Mini Legos

  • Emmett sebris
    Emmett sebris

    You guys should make a real underground pool

  • Luna Garcia
    Luna Garcia

    I love how they are adults but the are 5 year old haha

  • Kemora Jackson
    Kemora Jackson

    You should feel it up with orange juice



  • Preston Sanchez
    Preston Sanchez

    food coloring

  • Homero Alonso
    Homero Alonso

    Last to leave snake pool

  • Julian Knaapen
    Julian Knaapen

    you should fill the pool with merch

  • Elsie Coady
    Elsie Coady


  • ReaperFN

    I can not wait for you to release the orby pool video x

  • Hana Zahaby
    Hana Zahaby


  • Hana Zahaby
    Hana Zahaby


  • Hana Zahaby
    Hana Zahaby

    Can you do a jaguzi in the pool please

  • Sierra Owen
    Sierra Owen

    The end when Corey was soooo awkward made ME awkward😂😂I feel like Corey would be like that exactly in that scenario if it wasn't Bobby and Capron😂😂

  • Andrew Haynes
    Andrew Haynes

    one of my favorate vids

  • Andrew Haynes
    Andrew Haynes

    fill the pool with ball pit balls

  • Sage Danciak
    Sage Danciak


  • Ryan keller
    Ryan keller

    When u step on a lego

  • Caleb Pritchett
    Caleb Pritchett

    Drive a car do it

  • Airellius Chao
    Airellius Chao

    Fill the pool with ball pit balls

  • Sanjay Poordeen
    Sanjay Poordeen

    Obeys pool

  • Memphis white
    Memphis white

    24 hour in milk lego pool

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller

    Orbeez or slime

  • Esmé Hatch
    Esmé Hatch

    12:51 suki is sooo cute just floatin

  • gracie Jenkins
    gracie Jenkins


  • Kevin Forbes
    Kevin Forbes

    Orby pool

  • charzz123

    obsess please

  • Parker Ainsworth
    Parker Ainsworth

    Fill it with ooblec

  • Thulani Xhala
    Thulani Xhala

    You should do orbes

  • Gparlay

    Don’t ever faaumu ever again

  • Hugo Cashman
    Hugo Cashman

    Fill it with ball pit balls

  • andrew Wilson
    andrew Wilson


  • overdose 3000
    overdose 3000

    4:30 why just why

  • Margot Price
    Margot Price


  • Reilly Solomon
    Reilly Solomon

    Orby in the lego

  • Jamie Loesch
    Jamie Loesch

    Can I please be in one of the funk bros videos

  • Jamie Loesch
    Jamie Loesch

    Yall are the best you are my role model

  • Malthe Larsen
    Malthe Larsen

    cacao milk

  • Martina Meimetis
    Martina Meimetis

    You should fill the pool up with ORBEZ!!!!!!!! also love your vids and can wait to meet baby funk!

  • Brekka Lang
    Brekka Lang


  • Lucy mac
    Lucy mac

    Fill the Lego pool with Lego

  • Laksita Harvani
    Laksita Harvani

    you are very smart 🥳😂

  • akealoha


  • Nova N
    Nova N

    Ball pit balls

  • Silje Østerberg
    Silje Østerberg

    cute dog🙂

  • Gilbert Izarraras
    Gilbert Izarraras

    The dog is just living life at this point 💀😭

  • Aiden Fife
    Aiden Fife

    Plastic balls

  • Ultra

    Make a trampoline with them. Make it a last to leave wins a prize

  • Tas Rich
    Tas Rich

    Amagen when they left to check on the other guy the dog drowned

  • It’snot-Frosty

    You should fill it up with jello

  • Jax Jax Verdin
    Jax Jax Verdin